Bionic man

For six months to a year after knee replacement surgery, David has to do these two exercises in bed for ten minutes twice daily:

physical therapy 003-A

physical therapy 006-A

They are meant to loosen up and decrease the scar tissue inside his left knee. (He purchased the strap from Amazon for $7.00.)

A nurse at Straub advised David not to over-do it at the gym. David realizes that he must rest completely when his leg gets sore and stiff. So, he sometimes takes a break from the gym and lies in bed all night. Then, when he wakes up the following morning, he feels stronger and more energetic.

The good news is that David can now bend his left knee and put on his socks without asking me to help him. This was not possible prior to surgery.

I just feel so sad that he has to undergo three more surgeries in the near future: his right knee, right hip, and left hip.

He already has had four surgeries: his back, two hands, and left knee.

Total:  seven surgeries.

I guess he is indeed a “bionic man” and must show a doctor’s certificate when he is scanned at the airport.

11 Responses to “Bionic man”

  1. Linda Starr Says:

    good for David, nowadays at least all of these are fixable rather than suffering

  2. Olga Says:

    Holy moly! What a lot of surgeries. You are getting a whole new man!

  3. DJan Says:

    I’m glad he’s recovering so well, but gosh that’s a lot of surgeries in his future. Good thing he’s so determined! 🙂

  4. Grannymar Says:

    David is doing very well. We are fortunate to live in a time when surgery has advanced to repair, replace or reduce so much suffering.

  5. Christine Says:

    One step at a time Gigi, what else can we do, all good so far!

  6. Hattie Says:

    This a tough thing to go through. My sympathies.

  7. Linda Reeder Says:

    It’s good that he is following his rehab protocol. One part at a time, he’ll be a new man!

  8. Denise Alexandra Says:

    All those surgeries are quite daunting but I am happy for him that he can have them. He would be in a very sorry state if medical science hadn’t advanced this far.

  9. Beatrice Says:

    Good news on David’s progress.

  10. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Osteoarthritis is a bitch. Anyone who thinks it isn’t is delusional. My David is doing well physically following his surgery this past Monday, however, the meds have made him more confused than ever.

    I have now developed Costochondritis and could barely breathe two days ago. This is either the effect of the scoliosis and spinal stenosis in my back or the problem with my right shoulder…either of those or the arthritis is worse in my back, or the rotator cuff is torn. Also you can develope arthritis in your breastbone so it’s not just joints that are affected. The upshot is there could be any of several causes for my affliction. I see Dr Mac next Tuesday.

    Anyway, my best to David. It’s tough that he faces so many surgeries in the near future.

  11. Musings Says:

    Poor David…
    I’m glad he’s doing his exercises to help the healing process along.

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