Enjoy the rest of your life


July 1990:  David and I, when we were skinny, traveling in Croatia.  These photos have no connection to the essay below.  I just posted them for fun.



David and I have been dining out quite frequently, because I am just too lazy to cook.  Last night, we dined at a Vietnamese restaurant.  I had pho (noodle soup), and David had the barbecue mixed plate.  The night before last, we went to a Korean restaurant.  David had beef curry, and I had chicken katsu curry.  Curry is not Korean cuisine, but the chef/owner of the restaurant is Korean and he knows how to appeal to local taste buds here in Hawaii.

This type of food costs less than $10.00 per person, so we don’t have to rob a bank to pay for it.


Since turning 70 years of age last week, I have been asking myself how many more years I have to live. All I can go by is my parents’ longevity.  Their 70s were fine.  Mom traveled the world every year, and Dad gardened every day.  It was in their mid-80s, when all hell broke loose.  Dad died of cancer at age 87, and Mom had full-blown dementia at age 86 (though she passed away at age 99).  So, I can only assume that my 70s will be as good as theirs, but, like them, something bad will happen to me in my 80s.

Well, whatever my life span is, I intend to enjoy the rest of my life.

8 Responses to “Enjoy the rest of your life”

  1. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    While at the Census Bureau, I worked on Age-related statistics. I asked my boss what he thought about the question you pose today…how long will I live, and the implied question about the quality of life. He said, folks seem to hit a wall when the turn 80.

    In our family, 80 does seem to be when serious health issues like diabetes arise, but most keep on ticking into their 90s with pace makers, artificial hips and such. Happy birthday Gigi and many more to come I hope.

  2. DJan Says:

    I agree that it’s not easy to predict one’s life span. Both of my parents died in their 60s and both my sister and I have already outlived them. But we are healthier in diet and exercise than they were, too! 🙂

  3. Christine Says:

    Nice photos! It’s all we can do is take one day at a time!

  4. DeniseinVA Says:

    Good for you and your photos are lovely.

  5. happyinthemainland! Says:

    My mother in law smoked like a smokestack her entire life from about 15 on and lived to nearly 87 I think it was because she had a son with some disability..She outlived her husband in name only he fathered 8 kids and never lifted a finger to support her or the 8 kids yet when he was dying my husband the oldest took care of all the funeral arrangements and was there for his absent philandering father..He is wonderful as a husband and father to our only child, my grandmother lived to her 90’s as soon as my aunt her daughter put her into a nursing place she died in one week..she hated it..I am only 67 but I don’t know how long I will live type2 diabetes is in my body but I walk until I nearly fall over daily..and eat mostly a plant based diet, I love Korean and Thai foods and eat them with great gusto..My aunt my mothers only sibling is in her late 90’s near 100…
    maybe because she never had kids and her husbands she divorced them after they tried to squander her hard earned income also she took care of my Grandmother bought her a home and was good to her even though my Grandmother had to put her into a orphanage type place while she worked many jobs, the resentment was palapable……I say enjoy each and everyday no one who passed from this life in my family or friends ever came back and told me they enjoyed being off this terrestrial than being on this terrestrial…Most of my friends parents sadly never even made it to their 70’s let alone their 80’s and the kids told me they did not get much of the pensions they slaved for. So enjoy enjoy and enjoy, I enjoy cooking but if I had the means I would dine out in Thai and Korean and Vietnamese places and just eat veggies and fruit the other times and tea..Aloha in paradise, you look great and sound great and your hubs tooooo..happy happy birthday belatedly aloha!XXX()()()()

  6. Cathy Says:

    Enjoy the rest of my life? I certainly intend to do so (won’t be eating tongue tho) lol
    Belated Happy Birthday Gigi

  7. Olga Says:

    There are no guarantees, so it is a good plan to make the best of every day.

  8. Beatrice Says:

    While there is no certainty on life span, I do like your attitude in living life to the fullest. We enjoy cooking and eat at home. Ore than dining out, except when travelling. Sometimes, I wonder how much more costly it would be to eat out vs cooking because some days it is just not enjoyable, then other days a lot of fun.

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