Live with what you have

family room 002-A

This is our family room.

When it comes to home renovation, there is no end to it. This year, we have decided not to spend money unnecessarily.

We were thinking of removing our eight year old carpet and installing a hard floor or a new carpet.

Good sense prevailed.

If we install a hard floor, we might break a bone when we fall. That’s what happened to my mother, who broke her ribs, arm and back several times when she lost her balance and fell on her wooden floor.  You can imagine her pain and suffering.

Buying a new, thicker, plusher carpet to replace the old one would be nice, but since there are no holes or stains on the current carpet, why bother?

So, we plan to save our money instead.

We’ll live with what we have.

15 Responses to “Live with what you have”

  1. Joanne Noragon Says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. DJan Says:

    It’s a beautiful living room as it is. I think you made the right decision. 🙂

  3. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Good to live with what you have if you can. We have hardwood floors in need of repair. Took all carpeting up owing to allergies. Your mom must have had osteoporosis?

  4. Linda Starr Says:

    carpet is easier on the back and legs and knees but harder to keep clean, but you can vacuum and clean regularly and have a good long life in carpet, I do find wood floors to be more forgiving than tile floors.

  5. Olga Says:

    Your home seems so serene, uncluttered. That is a nice reflection of you, I think.

  6. dkzody Says:

    Our carpet is 35 years old and doing fine. I would like to have hard flooring, though, just because it’s easier to clean. To keep the carpet clean, we vacuum a lot.

  7. anonymousonthemainland! Says:

    People we barely knew put in bamboo and it cost them so much they are a young couple with lots of bills and not much income, we were appalled at what they did, the sister lives across from us and she saves like she is from a concentration camp, she doesn’t do much in her home but watches money closely! The opposite of her baby sister who spends like money is water! We fix up when we have to but as for floors no bare ones for us, it is cold here most of the time and it would feel like a morgue to put in wood flooring and it rains all the time and now snow and ice, no thank you, Do you remove your shoes as your carpet looks spectacular, we remove our shoes and wear slippers for most of the time..People who do come to visit us remove their shoes and I have easy slip ons to keep the pollution and pollutants out of our tiny home!

    • gigihawaii Says:

      Yes, we remove our shoes at the door and go barefoot on the carpet. David wears slippers on the tiled floors in the kitchen and bathroom, though, as he has arthritis.

  8. Denise A Gullickson Says:

    Good advice Gigi. We have a lot of renovations needed in our house but they are necessary to keep the place looking good in case we decide to sell one day. I have an idea that when we are a lot older we won’t want to tackle stairs and also would like to downsize.

  9. Christine Says:

    I so agree about carpet being safer than hardwood!

  10. Karen Says:

    The plus to hardwoods if you age in place it is easier to use a wheelchair or a walker on wood floors. I,agree about not changing carpet if you don’t have to. We just changed out ours and it was put in in 1992. We have only had the house 3 years and it really needed to go. We did some hardwood and some carpet.

  11. Beatrice Says:

    You are right about only doing renovations that are needed, Gigi. If the carpeting suits you for now, then it’s a good things to keep it in place. You might chance your mind later.

  12. marmeladegypsy Says:

    Your choice on the flooring makes sense to me. You might also find a nice large area rug you can put over the carpet (a little extra padding) if you decide to change it up a bit. It would be much less expensive than carpet!

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