Assembling a bookcase for wine glasses

My grandkids came over on Friday and helped David assemble a bookcase, which would eventually store our wine glasses. Julia’s lips are red due to the popsicle she ate:

Grandkids, bookcase 028-A

Grandkids, bookcase 030-A

This is the result.  We like the glass doors:

Grandkids, bookcase 038-A

We transferred the stem ware in this little cart:

Grandkids, bookcase 035-A

To the new bookcase:

Grandkids, bookcase 062-A

The top shelf has small glasses for sparkling cranberry juice.  The second shelf has glasses for wine.  And the bottom shelf has water goblets.

Grandkids, bookcase 059-A

The old cart now contains bottle openers and unopened bottles of wine:

Grandkids, bookcase 055-A

We are very pleased.  Though I no longer drink wine, many of our guests do.

P.S.  We plan to buy some champagne flute glasses today, so we can toast a special occasion when we have a party.


11 Responses to “Assembling a bookcase for wine glasses”

  1. DJan Says:

    It’s very nice. I would be drinking some of that wine, since I love red wine. 🙂

  2. Joanne Noragon Says:

    That looks so nice. Good that the kids helped, and good that David’s new knee gets down on the floor.

  3. Stephanie Faris Says:

    How nice! My wine glasses are overflowing my cabinet at this time. You need enough to serve wine to visitors, but most of the time I just need one. My husband has one of those highball glasses for his Jack Daniels and 7-Up.


  4. Hattie Says:

    That’s rather pretty and a rebuke to disorganized me.

  5. Olga Says:

    David is so lucky to have those two enthusiastic helpers.

  6. dkzody Says:

    Nicely done. Always good to get the grandkids involved in a project.

  7. Christine Says:

    looks great, you are so organized Gigi!

  8. Tom Sightnigs Says:

    Looks fantastic. So … here’s a toast to your new piece of furniture and the wonderful people who made it!

  9. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Julia is a pretty little girl and her red lips look good.

  10. marmeladegypsy Says:

    Very nice cabinet — the glasses look great there. I hope you found the perfect champagne flutes. Nothing is like champagne!

  11. Mikel Wage Says:

    I foud a dead baby snake in my drive way and it was black with a pink belly so we thougt there could be more.

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