I just love it here


These are my photos of the island of Molokai, taken more than ten years ago.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Saint Damien’s grave:

molokai-6-A-Damiens grave

This is David, taking video:



Molokai is a wonderful island to visit.  The scenery is breathtaking, and the history of Kalaupapa is interesting.  Please google for more information.

I could write about politics, but have carefully refrained from doing so. I don’t need a firestorm of controversy, and I don’t want hate mongers coming to my door and hurting me and my husband.

So, I write about innocuous topics that won’t upset my readers.

The good thing about us is that we are debt-free. We pay our bills and taxes on time and in full.

On the other hand, David and I are not in perfect health. He already has had four surgeries (back, two hands, left knee) and will probably undergo a fifth surgery (right knee) this summer.  As for me, I now have asthma to add to my list of ailments.

Ah, well, there’s always something to complain about, isn’t there?

What I don’t complain about is the mild weather we have been experiencing. The temperature ranges from the high 60s to the low 80s, with occasional rain.

When all is said and done, Hawaii is the one. I just love it here.

8 Responses to “I just love it here”

  1. Joanne Noragon Says:

    Your temperatures this winter sound just about perfect.

  2. Olga Hebert Says:

    I have never had the opportunity to visit Hawaii. Well, My first husband was stationed there temporarily, a stop over on the way to Vietnam. He spent over two years there and ended up being discharged without ever going anywhere else–war being hell and all. But when I suggested a visit there, he said he missed seasons and wanted to spend his leave back home. Obviously that marriage was doomed from the start.

    On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 5:01 AM, gigi-hawaii wrote:

    > gigihawaii posted: ” These are my photos of the island of Molokai, taken > more than ten years ago. Click on the photos to enlarge them. Saint > Damien’s grave: This is David, taking video: Molokai is a wonderful island > to visit. The scenery is brea” >

  3. Christine Says:

    I love Hawaii too, wish it wasn’t so far away! On the good side a lot of David’s surgeries are behind him and I think you will be able to manage your asthma. Keep going for lots of walks Gigi, the weather is good there after all!

  4. DJan Says:

    It’s a beautiful place to live, for sure! 🙂

  5. Hattie Says:

    We have never been to Molokai, although we have flown over it numerous times.
    If we ever had to live anywhere but the Big Island, we would be unhappy. It is surely the place for us.

  6. anonymousonthemainland! Says:

    I visited in the late 60’s all of Hawaii, I did not want to return to San Diego California! I had and still have many native friends and what a group of people, it is lush, lovely, inviting temps are always right and the people are fabulous, if we could afford it in anything we would live in paradise as I call all of Hawaii!!!!!!!!!! Here it rains most of the year and is so wet we have moss growing on our lawn and the people well let’s just say they run after money to the detriment of their family and friends, which doesn’t make for sweet neighbors..All our friends here in Washington state live at the beach or near seattle Washington they don’t live here..We are friendly and kind I volunteer for the hungry, homeless and domestic violence but must get away to the sea and nature to really exist..Aloha to you and your hubs, you sound so sweet, kind and caring and peaceful isn’t that what it is all about in life, peace, kindness and caring, don’t fear untoward comments, you are a peaceful loving human being and I adore your blog, aloha Malakoha if I am spelling it and happy Asian new year on 2/8/16 the Fire Monkey..aloha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cathy Says:

    I have to agree with the others in that the Hawaiin Islands are a great place to visit – even greater for those who live there lol
    Many of us have adult onset asthma, you’d be surprised how common it is. It’s also very easy to manage. Mr G’oogle has lots of readable information.
    Take care

  8. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I can see why you love it so — all that blue! I’ve never been to Hawaii — maybe someday. In Michigan we only see that blue in the summer, and it’s not really THAT fabulous color. Right now a tad more white than I’d like!

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