A senior moment

Yesterday, I had a senior moment. I guess that at age 70, I am entitled to one.

After my doctor’s appointment, I walked to the parking garage and looked for my car, a gold Hyundai Accent. I could not find such a car.  I went up and down the fourth floor and when I was unsuccessful, I prowled the third floor.


In despair, I considered asking a security guard to help me locate my car.

Then, bingo! I realized that I had sold the gold car recently and that my new car was blue.

I also remembered that I had parked it on the fourth floor.

Sure enough, there it was, my brand new blue Hyundai Accent. I was so relieved.

New Hyundai Accent 005-A

I suppose that if I ever get to the point when I can’t remember where I live, my family will take my car keys away and tell me to stop driving.

That has not happened to my neighbor across the street. He is 97 years old and still drives his car.  Amazing!

13 Responses to “A senior moment”

  1. Joanne Noragon Says:

    I misplaced my car once, and did have to ask for help.

  2. DJan Says:

    I’m glad you were able to find it without having to call in the police before realizing what you had done. I’ve misplaced my car, too, in the past. 🙂

  3. Christine Says:

    oh that’s funny Gigi! You must have had your mind on your doctor appointment, distracted I guess.

  4. anonymousonthemainland! Says:

    Our Huyndai cars have been mostly blue but one was red, I don’t drive so never had a moment(s) of not knowing where the car was parked, we don’t even go to the mall anymore, I fell at a place that I was trying to find the place to take my hubs of nearly 42 years for a lovely thai valentines meal, fractured my right shoulder badly and I am a right handed person..So won’t be going to anyplace remotely near the mall it was in a strip mall, the people never even said they were sorry I fell and nearly broke my head tooooo! Sushi place and people just stepped over me to get to the bar and sushi, I was totally upset laying on a carpet that made me trip and nearly break my neck tooooo…missing a car was the least of any of my worries what a way to start the new Monkey year happened 2/12/16 a month ago still aching and in pain..oh my goodness sakes alive, how I wish for sunny skies, blue skies and the fragrances and vibes of Hawaii..aloha over there!

  5. DeniseinVA Says:

    I have had occasions when I have driven Gregg’s van and come out to the parking lot looking for my car. Thank you for the info on the banana ‘flower’. Fascinating! I had actually started to figure this out after looking at Sandra’s photo over at Mad Snapper. You live and learn.

  6. Olga Says:

    Last year I got used to just looking for the green VT plate in a sea of FL plates. As a strategy, that totally failed when I returned to VT and all the cars has green plates and a great many of them were grey Prius to boot.

  7. dkzody Says:

    There are other silver Subarus like mine out in this part of town. I often get waved at by people on the road whom I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s the car. It looks like someone they know. That said, I’ve come out of a store to find “my car” parked closer to the store than I remember parking it. Then I realize it’s another silver Subaru, mine is still parked farther down the row.

  8. Nancy Says:

    This has happened to me numerous times and I’m 46! It’s whenever I park at a huge mall and I’m just so excited to shop, I totally forget where I park. This also happens when I park at the metro. I just end up placing a lot of steps on my jawbone/fitness tracker and keep pressing my key fob until I hear it’s horn. This also happens a lot when my husband will think I’ll remember where he parks the car when we go to the mall or commissary and I’m assuming that since he’s the driver, he will remember where we park. This has happened to us really recent when we went to the King of Prussia Mall. Trust me, all we did was fought and walk a mile in a parking lot. So now, we take pictures on our cell and elevator or text each other. Trust me, it’s embarrassing when the mall is crowded or you park at the metro parking and there is someone following you so they can park in your parking spot and they realize that you don’t remember where you parked.

  9. Tom Sightings Says:

    That’s why I replaced my old white Honda with a new white Honda!

  10. Linda Starr Says:

    when I was a young whipper snapper I did similar with my sister along, we forgot which car we drove to the mall. finally remembered. it happens

  11. Beatrice Says:

    I haven’t forgotten where I parked my car lately, but recently I couldn’t remember where the keys to it were.

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