My yardman always gives me good advice

My crotons in front of the house were not growing well. In fact, they looked like they were dying.  So, I asked my yardman what type of fertilizer he recommended.  He said, “These plants need top soil, not fertilizer.  Surround each stem with top soil.”

So, in October 2015, we bought this bag of top soil. I poured it around each plant and used the hoe to spread it evenly.  Then, I watered the soil thoroughly:

Top Soil 001-A

Here are the plants in April 2016.  The black top soil surrounds each stem:

Crotons 008-A

Crotons 002-A

Crotons 003-A

See the new green leaves? We used another bag of top soil in March, and I intend to keep adding more of it to the plants every five months.

The goal is for the crotons to grow as well as this one, which is located next to my mail box:

Crotons 007-A

I like my yardman a lot. He always gives me good advice.

7 Responses to “My yardman always gives me good advice”

  1. DJan Says:

    They seem to be doing very well now. I just bought mushroom compost to add to my garden soil before I plant. It helps a lot. 🙂

  2. Joanne Noragon Says:

    It’s a beautiful plant. We’ll be using more topsoil this year, and organic fertilize–the PC name for manure.

  3. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Amending the soil on a regular basis always helps. Over time soil decomposes and the earth around the plants roots shrinks, sometimes revealing roots. Your yardman sounds as if he knows a thing or two…lucky you.

  4. cmlk79 Says:

    wow so knowledgeable he is.

  5. Linda Starr Says:

    I need a yardman, both my knees are bad now and I have plants to plant and dh isn’t doing well either.

  6. Olga Says:

    Well, now I know what to do as well! Thanks.

  7. DeniseinVA Says:

    I will have to try that here. Your plants are looking very healthy.

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