CD player or TV glare?

CD cabinet 002-A

See that Sony CD changer on the left?

The Bose Sound System 20 in the center?

The CD cabinet on the right?

David and I derive enormous pleasure from listening to CDs daily. We enjoy accenting our day with beautiful classical music.

However, there are times when I don’t like his choice of CD. For example, Mahler’s symphonies drive me up the wall.  Mahler reminds me of that priest at Mass who didn’t know when to end his rambling sermon.  Boring!  David likes Mahler, because of the rich orchestral sound involving lots of brass and other wind instruments.

The solution is to use headphones. Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack in the Bose Sound System 20.

I suggested that David buy a portable CD player or Boom box, so that he can listen to Mahler in his room or elsewhere.

Me: “What have you decided about the CD player?”

David: “TV glare?”


David: “Oh, I thought you said TV GLARE.”

Me: “Open your ears.  You should have your hearing checked.”

David: “Well, I am not going to buy a portable CD player, because I think it’s frivolous.”

I continue to complain about Mahler. Leaving the house is not an option, sorry.

13 Responses to “CD player or TV glare?”

  1. Olga Says:

    portable CD player as a birthday gift for David??

  2. DJan Says:

    We both use headphones and listen to them so that the other person doesn’t need to listen also. We have two sets of wireless headphones that connect to the TV, so we can listen together or apart. We don’t listen to music together; my hubby doesn’t like any of it, and I’ve got plenty of other options with my iPhone, iPad, and laptop 🙂

  3. Hattie Says:

    Well I’m with you on Mahler. Can’t stand him.

  4. Christine Says:

    oops hope you come to a nice compromise!

  5. Linda Reeder Says:

    How about noise deadening earphones for you?
    This move might be up to you, since you are the one with the problem.

  6. L. Says:

    Does the Sony CD
    changer have a headphone jack? That is the piece of equipment which would have been the most likely to have a jack.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      The CD changer does not have a jack nor does the Bose. I might have to buy David a CD player since he has to pay for his knee surgery and physical therapy. But, I am going to make sure that he agrees to keep the portable CD player in his bedroom. He can’t bring it out to the family room and play it there.

  7. L. Says:

    Even if he did have earphones the bose sound system would probably sound better. You may be wasting your money on earphones that might not have the sound quality.

  8. PM Says:

    All depends on what kind headphones David has. If it wireless, you might be in luck. Because now days it wireless Wi-Fi or blue tooth. You just have learn how to make both commutate with each other. It’s just like your cell phone. Or get someone that knows how to connect wireless for you. Or maybe Best Buy can help you out. Or where you got the Bose from. Even computers have this, so less wires to run. Hope this help you out.

  9. anonymousonthemainland! Says:

    Please get a wireless headphone for your husband it will solve a lot of your problems having to listen to Mahler…I say compromise is the the best thing in a marriage..If one doesn’t want to listen to music then wireless headphones are the best. Best Buy has that squad that helps people so they can use the stuff they buy from Best Buy, my hubs goes to the Best Buy and asks about this and that, they never charge him a dime at all, of course we purchase most of our electronic stuff from him, so they remember him a lot..It will solve a lot of the problems you are having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aloha, happy 4th of july from our abode to yours!

  10. Tom Sightings Says:

    Olga has a good idea, so does Linda. Anyway, I agree with you. I can pass on Mahler.

  11. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    We have ENT appointments tomorrow. David is becoming more and more hearing impaired, and he needs help. I need help so I can communicate with him!

  12. Beatrice Says:

    Hope all works out for the both of you. We also have had some of the silliest arguments and compromise eventually wins out.

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