Why do I laugh so much?

People tend to take life too seriously. Recently, David asked me, “Why do you laugh so much?  What’s there to laugh about?”

I replied, “I just think funny thoughts and find myself laughing. I’ll probably die laughing.”

For instance, I laugh at all this talk about how dangerous it is to consume certain types of food. Nonsense!  If the food looks good, smells good, and tastes good – then, I’ll eat it.

Somehow, I have managed to reach the ripe old age of 70 without dropping dead yet.

Of course, I should not be so complacent. But, the opposite of being complacent is being anxious.  Who enjoys feeling anxious?  It’s better to be complacent, in my opinion.

Take this Betty Crocker Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin mix:


I refuse to make muffins from scratch. Too much work.  It took 5 minutes to prepare these muffins, and 15 minutes to bake them:




Perfect every time.  Go ahead and laugh between bites of these delicious muffins.

11 Responses to “Why do I laugh so much?”

  1. Christine Says:

    They look homemade to me, love your attitude to life, although I am a worrier. The truth is you can eat healthy and still die early.

  2. DJan Says:

    Although I’m not as strict with my diet as I once was, somehow white flour and sugar have stopped looking good to me. I stick with whole foods and still laugh a lot. 🙂

  3. Joanne Noragon Says:

    Love poppy seed. I told my doctor once, “I eat butter. Deal with it.”

  4. Carole Says:

    They say laughter is the best medicine! I couldn’t agree more. If we laugh, smile to ourselves or to others, it will release all those feel good natural chemicals in our brain. I’m smiling as I type this 🙂

    Muffins look delicious!

  5. anonymousonthemainland! Says:

    I so enjoy your blog and your philosophy of life, if one cannot laugh
    and be happy then what the hell is life living for..we laugh in our home, my hubs a jokster and sweet as can be, no matter what is happening, being the oldest of 8 brats as I call them he was number 9 and his second sibling passed as a baby..Everyone looked up to him to be the father, protector as his dad was not there at all and his Mom continued to have baby after baby, thinking her hubs would be around NOT at ALL! He was out on his own early but made sure to take care of his sibling who is a little slow and sweet as an apple pie who works and is so wonderful, the rest of the clan except 2 sisters just live off everyone, welfare and drugs and alcohol, one died young the other is a shell of a human being..My hubs would never ever be like any of the others, he worked his whole life, clean and wonderful laughs all the time and is hopeful in any situation..Keep laughing and being happy it is the path of a wise and wonderful SOUL and HUMAN BEING< aloha..sweet gigi-gigi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. DeniseinVA Says:

    Laughter is good for the soul, I am convinced. We laugh all the time too.

  7. Kay G. Says:

    Oh! Let me tell you a story about my sister (your post reminded me of it!) I told my sister that I saw on TV that POP-TARTS are so full of preservatives that even though there is a sell by date on the boxes, they really don’t know for sure how long they could last, it could be years! Now, my sister loves her POPTARTS and I thought she might be tempted to say that if that was the case, then maybe she would stop eating them. What do think she said? “Well, then, I will always have something to eat, won’t I?” HA!

  8. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Laughter is the best medicine, they say. If you can find things to laugh about, good for you.

  9. Olga Says:

    Yes better to laugh!

  10. Tom Sightings Says:

    Those muffins sure look good. How about some icing?!?

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