Owning and maintaining a house

David and I bought our 3 bedroom 2 bath house in 1991.  We work so hard to maintain it without outside help.

This is David, vacuuming the house once a week:



I clean our wine glass cabinet prior to a dinner party:




Life is good, because we enjoy our home and garden:



8 Responses to “Owning and maintaining a house”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Don’t forget to stop,rest,relax and smell the roses now and again Gigi 🙂

  2. DJan Says:

    I guess I’ll never know what it’s like to own a home. We are dedicated renters in our retirement years. You sure make it look like I’ve missed out! 🙂

  3. Christine Says:

    It is great how you guys maintain your house and property so well, I wish all neighbours were like that, it would be great for the neighbourhood!

  4. dkzody Says:

    Good for you. We aren’t real good about maintaining things around here. We moved in 1980 and much of what was here then is still in place. Terry did replace sprinkler heads in the front yard this past weekend. I would like to replace the flooring but the thought of packing up furnishings and such to do it makes me cringe.

  5. DeniseinVA Says:

    You and David make a great team.

  6. Olga Says:

    You do have a lovely home and a wonderful way of appreciating your life.

  7. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    We have all sorts of help. Needs must.

  8. Beatrice Says:

    Nice to share the work needed to keep your home looking in good condition. We also share the house chores and Grenville prefers to vacuum like David.

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