Friends you can rely on


Hawaii.  Photo by Ted Trimmer.  2009.

Though I know many people, I have only a few friends I can truly count on. The fact that the Seymours helped me when I had a nervous breakdown in New York City, going so far as to buy me a plane ticket to Hawaii, makes me feel so grateful that I have good friends like them.  And I didn’t ask the Seymours for help, either.  They took it upon themselves to buy the airfare.  They also called my father to let him know what was happening, drove me to JFK Airport, waited with me at the gate, and told the flight attendants not to let me out of their sight, as I was having a nervous breakdown.

Same thing with the Feldmans.  I didn’t ask them for help, at all.  But, they insisted on taking me to the hospital when I was ready to give birth (at 2:00 in the morning) and bringing me home with the baby.  After I got home, they took my grocery list and bought my groceries, because I had no car and no husband to help me.

I am forever indebted to the Seymours and the Feldmans for helping me when no one else would.

Then, there is David. He married me and adopted Maria.  What a wonderful friend he is.  We have been married for 36 years.  A marriage based on friendship is better than a marriage based on sex, in my opinion.  He says that I am his best friend, because I have stood by him through good times and bad.  I can say the same thing about him, too.

If you have a few good friends and a good husband or wife you can truly rely on, you will have a very happy life.

9 Responses to “Friends you can rely on”

  1. Christine Says:

    Gigi you are a survivor and lucky to have found good friends in time of need not to mention a wonderful husband!

  2. Olga Says:

    I considered my husband Mike my best friend, but when he died I realized the true power of having female friends around me.

  3. Joanne Noragon Says:

    I’m running out of friends like that. I think I’m down to one.

  4. Carole Says:

    What a heart warming post. I am grateful for my friends. A true test of friendship is when they are with you during the good and the bad times.

  5. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    How wonderful. Even more wonderful is the fact that you appreciate the friends and blessings that you have.

  6. DeniseinVA Says:

    I am glad your friends were there for you when you needed them. You don’t need many friends if those you have can get you through tough times, and that includes a husband. We are very blessed.

  7. Joared Says:

    A real friend is someone who stands by you when you’ve made a fool of yourself because they know it isn’t permanent is an observation I like.

  8. anonymousonthemainland! Says:

    I would have helped you no matter what, I like to think that a true friend is one who is there to listen and help out..Others are just fair weathered and that is the truth..many are around but few are close and would do anything..Happy to know you have had true friends, aloha in Hawaii, it is raining and storming now in the pacific northwest I get out to see the land anyways, aloha and joy, peace and love always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Beatrice Says:

    I agree with you, Gigi, that friends are the best treasures we can have and we always be thankful for them as you are. And, Grenville is not onky my spouse, but partner and best friend as well.

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