New project: The backyard

I was down with the flu the past two days, trying to get over it without medication. Finally, the headaches, body aches, and fever got to me, and I took two Tylenol caplets yesterday.  I am feeling much better.

I have fixed up the house and patio to my satisfaction. My attention is now drawn to our backyard.  I figure that it will take me five years to redesign it.  I still want it to be low maintenance, but new plants will make the yard look better.

This is how our backyard looks presently. Those are my grandkids playing:

Grandkids 004-A

Plants currently in the backyard:

yard plants 002-A

back yard 002-A

yard plants 007-A

The main thing is not to over-spend. Plants aren’t cheap anymore.  A Boston fern used to cost $7.00.  Now, it costs $16.00:


3 Responses to “New project: The backyard”

  1. Olga Says:

    You have some lovely plants. having a five year plan is a good way to go about those big projects. You do keep those creative juices flowing that way, too.

  2. Christine Says:

    sorry you have not been well, we got our flu shots on Monday. Your backyard looks beautiful, lush and healthy plants. Oh and cute grandkids growing up so fast!

  3. DJan Says:

    Hope you get well soon. And I look forward to seeing what happens with your back yard. 🙂

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