The main thing is to be happy

This is a recent photo of my hibiscus garden:


I am 70 and David is 67. We are not a burden on anyone, and we hope to maintain the status quo, living independent, free lives until we die in our sleep without pain or suffering.

Two weeks ago, we were invited to dinner at a retirement facility by my aunt and uncle. They showed us their two bedroom unit as well as the grounds of the facility.  It was all very nicely decorated, clean and neat.  And the prime rib dinner was delicious, too.  My aunt especially likes the exercise classes, where she can socialize with other residents.  She said that it’s so much better than living in a house with nothing to do and no one to talk to other than her husband.

I don’t think that’s what I want to do. I like living in my house, tending my hibiscus garden, creating new recipes in the kitchen, and if I want to socialize, I just blog, meeting friends online.  I also enjoy inviting folks over for dinner.

For example, I invited my dear friends from New York City to my home for a home cooked meal. We had a good time.  David, Helge, and Roberta:

Helge and Roberta 007-A

The main thing is to be happy and live a life that satisfies you.

13 Responses to “The main thing is to be happy”

  1. Joanne Noragon Says:

    You are right, and so are your aunt and uncle. Be happy.

  2. Kaye Says:

    This is good advice. Lovely hibiscus garden!

  3. dkzody Says:

    Stay in your own home as long as you can, but when it becomes too much work, consider that lovely retirement place. They really are a boon to the elderly. You just aren’t there yet.

  4. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Nice you have a few friends. Sometimes they help.

  5. Olga Says:

    It’s good to have options. My friend just moved to an independent living place. I am definitely not there yet!!! I am quite happy in my condo and spending winters at my place in Florida. I have a full plate of activities at both places.

  6. Christine Says:

    wishing you a continued good life!

  7. Cathy Says:

    All things for all people Gigi – be a strange life if we all need felt/thought the same way.

  8. anonymousonthemainland! Says:

    We have been at the shore the election and its aftermath has been very volatile where we live nearby..At the shore we are alone with the seashore and we read and one of my friends who owns the cabin comes down and we talk and walk and have good times. Life is so very precious and short I say enjoy anyway a person wants to live and let live..aloha and peace out to you the plants look lovely aloha and love…

  9. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    Very true. Being content is the secret for happiness. I need to learn to be content.

  10. Kay G. Says:

    Oh poor you, you had to take this photo and you couldn’t be in it!
    I hope to live at home until an old age, hope I still have the mental and physical abilities to do so!

  11. Carole Says:

    You said it all! The main thing is to live your life in a way that will bring you happiness. I agree Gigi!

  12. Linda Reeder Says:

    We have talked about giving up our home for something easier to take care of. We have also talked about aging in place. We have postponed the decision.

  13. Beatrice Says:

    It’s best to do what you feel works best for you and your spouse. We have friends who moved to a 55+ community and their house there is just as much work (or more) than the home they sold. We enjoy our apt life style now. if something breaks we just put in a repair request at no expense to us.

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