Peace and prosperity

Every two months, I have a professional pedicure at a nail salon near my home. I tell the pedicurist, who immigrated from Vietnam, to just trim my nails and apply polish.  I don’t want my cuticles cut, because it could cause a toe infection, which has happened to me in the past.  In addition to the nail trim and polish, she massages my feet and calves with lotion.

Here are my feet, propped up on my ottoman in my home. I love that blue polish with glitter:


Doesn’t this type of pampering imply prosperity to you? Sure it’s decadent, but I enjoy it so much.  I am charged $26 plus tax plus tip.  Not bad.  The pedicurist benefits, because the money buys food for her family.  Win-win situation for her and me.

Peace and prosperity. I wish everyone in the world experienced peace and prosperity.  It’s something to strive for.

7 Responses to “Peace and prosperity”

  1. Olga Hebert Says:

    I enjoy a pedicure minus the polish — cheaper than a full body massage and almost as relaxing — but I don’t treat myself to one all that often, a professional one, I mean. I do my own nails once a week and pumice the soles of my feet every day in the shower.

  2. Snoskred Says:

    My beauty person left the salon. 😦 Not only did she do my mani-pedis but she also did my waxing. I’m trying right now to line up an appointment at a new place. I did some research into it the past couple of weeks, reading reviews, trying to find someone who will do a good job. It is not as simple as it sounds.

    I’ve narrowed it down to one place and hopefully can make an appointment for this next week, because my nail scissors – which I bought from the ABC store on Oahu in 2010 and would usually use to cut my nails have seemingly given up on me. I am sure I brought back a few more pairs but I am not sure where the others went.. They have some great tweezers too. 🙂

    My lesson has been learned – when I find someone who does great work, give them my number and tell them to call me if they move. 🙂

  3. Carole Says:

    So pretty! Living in a warm climate your toes are exposed 24/7, so why not make they pretty 🙂

  4. DJan Says:

    I have gotten into the habit of a pedicure every couple of months, too. I love your pretty blue silver polish. 🙂

  5. Christine Says:

    your feet look gorgeous!

  6. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    Nice! You deserve to be pampered, and you appreciate it, so that doubles the benefit of your peaceful prosperity. Good health to you too as we wade through the new year!

  7. Kay G. Says:

    Yes, I do love the blue polish, it looks pretty on your feet!
    Even if I don’t have time for polish on my fingernails, I like it on my toes! I have never once been to have my nails done at a salon, I have asthma and the smells…I can’t stand to even walk past one!
    (Even if I do polish myself at home, it has to be near an open window!)

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