Too bad about Paris

Lowe's 001-A

This is a photo of a parking lot in Hawaii, taken last year.

It saddens me that terrorists have wreaked havoc in Paris, France.  It’s no longer a safe city to visit.  French soldiers patrol the tourist sites with guns, ready to shoot and kill.  You won’t see that in Hawaii, where there is peace and harmony.

I visited Paris for two weeks in November 1969.  I was single and 23 years old.  Though it was cold and damp, I had such a wonderful time, seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, the stained glass windows at Notre Dame Cathedral, and the water of the River Seine.  Every morning, I would leave my small room on the Left Bank and buy a crepe suzette, a croissant, and a café au lait for breakfast.  It was amusing to see a French man, riding his bicycle with a beret on his head and a loaf of bread under his arm.  Oh, Paris was so interesting and lovely.

Too bad it is now too dangerous to visit that city.

5 Responses to “Too bad about Paris”

  1. Christine Says:

    I loved Paris when I visited in 2007

  2. Linda Reeder Says:

    Terrorism wins when we consider a city like Paris too dangerous to visit. It isn’t.

  3. Linda Starr Says:

    even here in the states lots of places are too dangerous to visit, every night on the news we hear there were 5 more shootings in Atlanta Georgia, and the news says how dangerous Chicago is; we try to avoid large cities and I doubt we’ll ever visit Europe.

  4. Beatrice Boyd Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Gigi. We had a lovely road trip, which I will post about next week. Thankfully, where we visited did not have any terrorist threats as we stayed in NH.

  5. anonymousonthemainland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Our only travels all over the world, she dons the burkas to get her work done and gets out of the country as fast as she can..Still I don’t like to think terroists rule our ability to travel..I don’t think I would care to go to any place in Europe do to the Isis people and London is not safe at all it once was great but too many crooks, Isis and people who want to do harm to the many live and plot in London for absolutely sure..Because France is so liberal about their borders the scum of mankind inhabit it and bomb and maim many people..No no intention of ever visiting Europe, now Hawaii I could spend the rest of my life if I could ever afford it but we cannot so we freeze here in Washington state, amids, ice, snow and freezing rain again..but and a big but Washington is absolutely lovely when it stops all the ice and nonsense which is a tiny window in an entire year, but its mountains, shores and eastern wineries and art places are wonderful so much to do and see if one can drive and get there which we do often..Aloha in paradise, I am well aware and my hubs of the peaceful loving people and loving shores of your wonderful state. have a most peaceful and loving 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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