Gardening and a Japanese lunch

A few days ago, David and I drove to Home Depot, our favorite place for plants.  We wanted to buy a new croton plant to replace the one dying in our front yard.

There were plenty of crotons to choose from:


This is David, pushing his shopping cart:


He dug out the old plant in our front yard, filled the hole with water, and planted the new croton:


The new croton will soon be as tall as the one next to it:


For our lunch, we drove to Gyotaku Japanese Restaurant on South King Street.

Salad and miso soup:


Assorted tempura, including shrimp, sweet potato, eggplant, and green beans.  Brown rice and shredded seaweed.  A bowl of sauce to dip the tempura in:


Rainbow shave ice for dessert:


Over the next few days, I’ll show you what else David has been doing to fix up our home.  We both take great pride in home ownership.  We are so glad that we are not homeless and hungry.

5 Responses to “Gardening and a Japanese lunch”

  1. anonymousonthemainland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Many in all of the mainland are homeless and hungry..In Hawaii where homes are in the million dollar range and to rent is exorbitant many are homeless too..Too bad it is that way..You seem to appreciate all you and your husband have for that I think you are truly grateful, gracious and lovely, just like Hawaii I remember when I visited many many years ago! The native people I stayed with are some of the kindest, peaceful and caring human beings, no wonder they live longer than anyplace in the mainland..Happy Valentines day to two sweet people, may all your days and nights be full of love and peace and joy..from the mainland!

  2. DeniseinVA Says:

    Your garden looks lovely with the new plants Gigi. And the food looks delicious. You count your blessings and never take anything for granted. Very admirable. I try to follow suit.

  3. Christine Says:

    Love shave ice!

  4. DJan Says:

    As I have said before, you are very fortunate to have someone as motivated as David to keep up your home and garden. The food looks really good! 🙂

  5. Tom Sightings Says:

    It’s too early to buy plants at home in he Northeast (we’re not home anyway); but we did go to a Japanese restaurant last night here in Charleston. Salad, miso soup and sushi.

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