Little old lady in Hawaii

I am so glad that I have no claim to fame and that I am a nobody.  There are no paparazzi, waiting to photograph me when I exit my home.  I never have to worry about the cops, arresting me and taking me to prison.  The IRS has never audited me and is not after me to pay back taxes.  No one has ever filed a lawsuit against me, so I don’t have to hire an expensive attorney to defend me in court.  No one tries to kidnap me, because I have no money.

Just look at my home in Hawaii.  It’s wide open.  No fence, no gate, no wall:

My home 001-A

My home 003-A

Anybody can come to my door and knock.  I am free to open my door or I can simply walk away without opening it.

Above all, I am so glad I have no enemies.  I am just a little old lady in Hawaii, trying to stay out of trouble and have a pleasant life.  Nothing wrong with that.

7 Responses to “Little old lady in Hawaii”

  1. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    I, too, love being a little old lady here. Looking back, being young was so stressful and full of anxiety.

  2. Christine Says:

    You are indeed lucky!

  3. dkzody Says:

    This really came home for me when I had to go such a thorough background check for the chaplain’s position. It’s the same as for a police officer and they dig into everything you have ever done. I realized, when it was all over, that I had lived a “goody-two-shoes” life. Sounds like you have, too. Let’s enjoy all that clean living.

  4. Carole Says:

    Being famous isn’t all its cracked up to be! Sounds like a good life Gig!

  5. Beatrice Says:

    And it’s a wonderful life you have, Gigi, both yourself and David and your family 🙂

  6. joared Says:

    Certainly have much for which to be thankful.

  7. DeniseinVA Says:

    You are blessed Gigi.

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