Being middle class

Travis Shanna wedding 014-A

This guitar player performed at my nephew Travis and Shanna’s outdoor wedding overlooking Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (2014).


I have no desire to write about politics and religion, because I don’t want to be embroiled in conflict and controversy.  Suffice it to say that what is happening these days is nothing compared to World War II.  It took two atomic bombs to end the war with Japan, and it took the Allied invasion to end the war in Europe.  We must never forget the Holocaust.

Every day, I pour myself a cup of coffee and read the newspaper.  I notice the advancements being made in science, medicine, astronomy, and the arts.  It offsets the bad news about rape, murder, famine, and terrorism.

What has all that got to do with me?  Not much.  I just focus on improving my home and garden.  It gives me great joy to see my plants thrive and bloom.  David paints the house when it needs painting.  Eventually, we will have to hire someone to paint the entire house, but until then, the patching David does is adequate.

I feel no need to prove myself and no need to impress anyone.  I spend very little time in front of the mirror.  If I am clean and neat, then that’s good enough.  I don’t expect David to be anyone other than himself.

We are not dirt poor like the homeless.  Nor are we filthy rich like the Trumps.  We are middle class and we enjoy being middle class.

7 Responses to “Being middle class”

  1. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    Because you are content and have enough, you are in the best class – the class of not needing or wanting more.

    Sometimes the filthy rich have rich things, but they are in debt and have to keep pushing to stay on top.

    The homeless – that is a problem that has no easy answers, especially since their attitudes and habits cannot be changed by others.

  2. Christine Says:

    I guess that’s why I don’t like politics or religious discussions either…conflict and controversy

  3. joared Says:

    Middle class criteria is gradually changing — a matter of interest for many on a fixed iincome. Should federal govt political party in control achieve their long stated intent to alter Soc. Sec., other support programs, and/or inflation grow more, what we now consider middle class standing could slip more. I don’t lose sleep or worry myself about this, but think it wise to be aware how fragile the status quo — and important for me to be engaged. 😉

    I enjoy the mental stimulation that comes from discussing all topics as long as it is civil. Offers me different ways of thinking about matters which I may or may not embrace. I don’t express my views with the purpose of converting others to them — merely to maybe generate thought, just as my listening to others does for me. Keeps me from getting stuck in same ‘ol views even though the world is so rapidly changing. New thoughts, ideas stimulates brain neurons said by some medical studies to possibly lessen potential for dementia.

  4. Beatrice Says:

    We are in much the same situation as you and David, Gigi. However, my husband is very much up on current events and while I also read the news stories each morning, I do not dwell on them afterwards. Of course, this is not to say that I do not want to know what’s going on in the world around, but I can have very little impact except to be aware.

  5. Carole Says:

    Love this post Gigi. Your outlook is great! So happy for you that you have found peace and contentment at this point in your life. Not everyone can say that.

  6. Olga Says:

    i think you are smart to appreciate your life. I am content with my life, but politics and spirituality are part of interests in life.

  7. anonymousinthemainland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    I don’t think there is any middle class in the mainland whatsoever..The hungry and homeless are everyone and everywhere here in our tiny town that has exploded in population..We too have a tiny home you don’t ours really is tiny, we figured to stay here until we go to where one goes to after this life..We get to go to a beach and the eastern part of this lovely state Washington and enjoy family and childhood friends..Everyone says the same thing Thank you God for our many many blessings, food, shelter, love of family and friends they drive homes that make our tiny home look like a tiny boxcar but are still the same human beings, they travel a little more but really it doesn’t matter we are content with our life.. Our only travels the world and is always happy to come home to the house she grew up in and sleeps for a week weary and exhausted, she mentions there is no place like home with her Mom and Dad always..One has to keep in perspective the heaven here on earth with family and friends and flora and fauna..If one is blessed to have a place to call home and love that is basically all one ever needs, aloha in paradise..happy easter and happy Passover..times fly by quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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