Kona Grill-International Marketplace

I have not been feeling well, so a change of scenery seemed necessary.  Yesterday, David and I drove to the International Marketplace in Waikiki.  This huge complex opened in August 2016 and replaced a smaller market, which was old and antiquated.  The new International Marketplace sits between Kalakaua Avenue and Kuhio Avenue.  The entrance to the parking structure is on Kuhio Avenue.

There are large department stores (such as Saks Fifth Avenue) on other floors, but all of the restaurants are located on the third floor Grand Lanai:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 002-A

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 005-A

This is the beautiful courtyard at ground level:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 006-A

This is Kona Grill, which is part of a nationwide chain of restaurants.  We decided to dine here:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 010-A

David and I were seated in air conditioned comfort.  That’s the kitchen in the background:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 016-A

We saw June Jones, who is now athletic director at St. Louis School in Hawaii.  He used to be a head football coach in the NFL as well as at UH and SMU.  When he walked past our table, I asked him who the next football coach will be at St. Louis.  He said, “I don’t know, thanks,” and he made the shaka sign to us, walking on.  I think he does know.  He just did not want us to know.  Well, we shall soon find out as football season approaches.  This is a view of the restaurant and bar from our table:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 027-A

We started with an appetizer, Chicken and rice lettuce wraps, with hot sauce and pickled vegetables.  This is typical Korean cuisine, and I used to eat this when I was a child, stuffing the lettuce with food and then biting into it:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 019-A

As his main course, David ordered the Flank steak with chimichurri sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and carrots:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 021-A

As my main course, I had the Lemon garlic shrimp with pasta and garlic bread:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 025-A

And for dessert, we both had the Passion fruit crème brulee:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 029-A

We exited the restaurant and paid for parking at this booth near the elevators.  The first hour is free with validation, and then it is $2.00 for the next hour.  We paid $2.00 for parking with our credit card:

Kona Grill-Inter mket place 035-A

All in all, we had a pleasant time, seeing the new International Marketplace for the first time and trying the delicious cuisine at Kona Grill.  I would like to return to this complex and sample the food at other restaurants.  This sort of thing always cheers me up, and looking at these pretty photos makes me smile.  Happy memories!

8 Responses to “Kona Grill-International Marketplace”

  1. Olga Says:

    I went to explore a new mall near her just last weekend. It’s good you have plenty of places to have adventures with your husband.

  2. Henri Chapin Says:

    Isn’t Cal Lee currently the football coach at St. Louis High School?

  3. Christine Says:

    Your food looks amazing!

  4. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    I tend to avoid Waikiki unless I have to. However, it was good to “see” your excursion and dining at the new International Marketplace.

    I used to think that the vendors selling cheap made in China products and passing them off for Hawaii products were deceiving at the old International Marketplace. And tourists were fooled into thinking those vendors were Hawaiian.

    Waikiki and Hawaii are in a process of change. Some of it, I like. Some of it, I don’t like. But it doesn’t matter. Change happens and always will.

  5. Snoskred Says:

    As a visitor to Hawaii as a young child back in the 80’s we stayed near to the International Marketplace and having already seen it on the Brady Bunch I kinda fell in love with that place.

    When we returned in 2010 I loved it just as much then as I did when I was a kid. Especially all those glittering jewelry stands.

    I bought one of my most favourite pieces of jewelry ever – a triangle shaped Mystic Topaz ring there, as well as quite a few other pieces of Mystic Topaz over my following visits in 2011 and 2013.

    They did have a great free hula show in the food court there where you could get close to the stage and really enjoy watching the performers. I hope the new place has something similar.

    Knowing that the place was soon to be no more, I did say goodbye to it in 2013. I have seen photos of the new place since it has opened and it does look lovely. But not a glittering jewelry stand to be seen.

    Thank you for this tour of a place I am yet to visit! 😉

  6. DeniseinVA Says:

    That looked like a lot of fun. I hope we get out there again in the not too distant future. We enjoyed our time with you and David at the Willows so much! This new mall looks very interesting and the food delicious as always. Always great to see the two of you in your posts.

  7. dkzody Says:

    What a lovely place to go for lunch. You are fortunate to be so close to such a wonderful dining destination. I would have been full with just the lettuce wraps. Cannot imagine eating all that food.

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