Two CDs of the same piece

Symphony 003-A

On May 14, David and I attended a Hawaii Symphony Orchestra concert at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.  The first half featured a short piece by Vaughn Williams and then a violin concerto by Respighi, performed by a violin soloist from Japan.  Both pieces were not memorable enough for us to buy CDs.

After the intermission, we were treated to a wonderful piece, “Romeo and Juliet” by Prokofiev.  We had watched the San Francisco Ballet perform this dance decades ago in Honolulu.  Back then, the orchestra played in the orchestra pit below the stage, and because of the small size of the pit, the orchestra was very small and limited in scope.

However, when we heard “Romeo and Juliet” performed on May 14, there were no ballet dancers, and the orchestra was huge, occupying the full stage.  How glorious it was!  Though parts of the piece were cacophonous, it ended with a whisper.  Tears flowed down my face, because it was so incredibly beautiful and exquisite.

Bose book case 001-A

I told David that we must order a recording of it.  He checked our CD cabinet and said we did not have the CD, so he ordered it from Amazon.  Well, just yesterday, I was checking all of the CDs under “P” and found Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet” filed among the Pavarotti CDs.  When I showed it to David, he was upset, because we would now have two recordings of the same piece.  However, it’s okay with me, because the two recordings have different orchestras and different conductors.  We will listen to both CDs and determine which is better in terms of clarity and interpretation.

I am so glad that I married David, because we both love classical music and were classical musicians at one time, studying classical music in college.  Common interests and values seal our marriage, and this is why we are still married after all these years.

8 Responses to “Two CDs of the same piece”

  1. anonymousinthemainland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Unless one experiences the same of a mate or partner I cannot phanthom how one would be inclined to be married..People who love classical music live longer and richer lives, my husband and myself love quiet and vibrant classical music, we read to it and we listen when and where we can..I was never a fan of rock shows, preferring classical symphony sets. When I read your blog I remember all the concerts in san diego and los angeles and san Francisco I went to almost as a guest or a date, it was thrilling for me, I find classical people who could perform really interesting and culturally attuned to the world in all aspects, bravo for you and your husband, sweet life in Hawaii and sweet life in your marriage..Aloha and much peace, joy and happiness and good health too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Olga Says:

    it is wonderful to have someone to share common interests with. You are fortunate…and appreciative.

  3. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    my husband and i had very different interests from each other, but it was still a very good marriage. love, respect, and have these PLUS your common interests!

  4. DeniseinVA Says:

    That’s great Gigi. Gregg and I are very alike and after 41 years of marriage have become even more so. He knows what I am going to say before I do at times. We enjoy each other’s company immensely and can talk about every subject under the sun. However, our musical interests are in different directions. He likes 1990s country, oldies but goodies, anything that is high energy, and I like classical music and love opera. I owe my love of opera to my father who also played the piano, and I go out with my friends once a month to enjoy a concert. One of these days I am going up to NY and listen to a live performance at the Met. That’s my goal anyhow.

  5. Christine Says:

    You have such a wonderful appreciation of music!

  6. joared Says:

    Sharing some similar interests with a partner does matter, I think, as I did with my husband, including music. I think it’s important to expose young children, as I was, to classical music when they’re young so they’re more likely to fully appreciate.

  7. Irvin Theuret Says:


  8. Patricia Scharnberg Says:

    It is actually written very good. Keep up the good work. Spread out more of your expert views. Looking ahead for more.

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