Keep your life simple

maria lisa-june 1984-4-A

This is a photo of my kids, Lisa and Maria, when they were very young.  Now, Lisa is 35 and Maria is 38.


President Trump has problems that I don’t have.  He should have remained a businessman in New York, because that is what he does best – making lots of money.  We can be happy that because of his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, there will be $300 billion flowing into the USA.  No small feat.  However, as a politician, he is not doing well.  He’s in trouble with the FBI and Congress.  What an ordeal.  All we can do is wait and see what happens next.

Personally, I am okay with my life, my finances, and my marriage.  I am the eldest of five siblings, and I am the only one in our family who has a house and a husband.  Everyone else is either divorced, widowed, or dead, and they own a condominium, not a house.

If we don’t travel, we will have enough money to live on for quite some time without having to rent out our guest room or having to go back to work.  I’ll never say never, but I doubt that we will ever travel again.  We won’t be missing much, considering the turmoil in the world these days.  At any rate, we have already been to Asia, Europe, Canada, and the mainland.  It’s good enough.  I don’t have any pressing need to travel anywhere else.

Hence, we have a nice life here in Hawaii.  Who cares about being rich and powerful?  Keep your life simple, and you will reap the benefits.

12 Responses to “Keep your life simple”

  1. Christine Says:

    Good thoughts, that’s a cute photo of the girls!

  2. Joanne Noragon Says:

    Simple rules the day.

  3. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    i am glad that i don’t care to travel. i love just staying at home.

  4. dkzody Says:

    I have never had a desire to travel as I hate being a tourist. I like the idea of going somewhere and living there for awhile. I think a year or so in Hawaii would be fun, but to just travel there for a week or so doesn’t appeal.

  5. DeniseinVA Says:

    Lovely photo of your daughters. I have enjoyed my travels but am very happy to be home right now.

  6. Linda Starr Says:

    I would like to travel again but only in the USA and perhaps Canada; if I sell my house I’ll have enough to live on but hate to move; I like having a piece of dirt under my feet.

  7. Olga Says:

    It takes wisdom to live simply and with contentment.

  8. DJan Says:

    My traveling days are, hopefully, behind me, too. Just to Florida in the winter and maybe Texas to visit family. I am content to be able to pay my bills and not worry about money. My tastes are frugal. 🙂

  9. Kay G. Says:

    Oh I do love that photo your pretty daughters when they were so young!
    You are in Hawaii! Where else should you go!? 🙂

  10. Says:

    My thoughts exactly. I spent 37 years in the military and have seen enough to last a lifetime. Foreign travel is a hassle and often outright dangerous. I grew up in Hawaii and have never forgotten why I still live here. My wife and I enjoy simple, inexpensive pleasures. Great photo of your keiki. Aloha, Russ

  11. anonymousinthemainland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    We go to the shore and visit with kindergarten friends, we also go to the eastern part of Washington state to visit and see the many wonders..we don’t do international and to NYC to see and be with our only child our daughter..Your picture of your daughters is priceless I say indeed!!!!!!!!!!!! To live simply and happlly is the key to much happiness one doesn’t need much to be happy and simply means you respect our mother earth and your husband too..Living in paradise helps, the juju of the islands is something else. Did not know you were the oldest my hubs of just 43 years is the oldest of a second family of 8 kids with no father present, he had to assume quite a role for his mother who kept having kids with basically no man in the house other than to make children, it bode him well and I spoil the daylights out of him since he did not get any attention with his parents..It is a wonderful relationship! aloha in paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. joared Says:

    We enjoyed road trips — taking back roads, visiting National Parks. He piloted us in the air privately for a few early years of our marriage. I would have enjoyed foreign travel but my husband wasn’t interested so I was glad I had a little when I was single.. Our later years his health prevented the continued travel we had expected to be able to do. Maybe we’ll all be able to travel virtually in the future with all the tech advances I read about.

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