Pretty good relationship

India-camel ride (al rho)-a

This is a photo of David, about to ride a camel in India, 2012. The fare was $2.00, not a bad price to pay.  After the ride, he said, “Now I don’t have to go to Egypt to ride a camel.”


David is such a humble person, not prone to bragging about his many accomplishments.  Just yesterday, we were listening to a CD of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, when David remarked that he had won the gold medal for performing this piece as a high school student at a music festival.  I was so amazed, because this concerto is quite difficult.  No wonder he was able to graduate from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. His goal was to become a band director, but that didn’t happen and he became an accountant, instead, after getting his Master’s in Business Administration and passing the CPA exam.

Best of all, he married me, adopted Maria, and fathered Lisa.  A loving husband, father, and grandfather.  I couldn’t ask for anyone better than David.

We don’t harass each other by making impossible demands.  I might suggest that he fix some aspect of the house and yard, and he does it without complaining, because he takes great pride in home ownership.

And, of course, I do my part by experimenting in the kitchen.  For example, he suggested that I create a different type of casserole, because he was tired of the usual chicken dishes I make.  So, yesterday, I created a casserole consisting of chicken, potato, green beans, broccoli, and a white sauce.  David told me it tasted very good, but the chopped potato wasn’t cooked enough.  Next time I make a casserole, I will try using pasta, chicken, peas, and a white sauce.  David enjoys eating something new and different.  He gets bored eating the same old thing.

We have a pretty good relationship.

8 Responses to “Pretty good relationship”

  1. Olga Says:

    2 bucks for a camel ride! That’s pretty amazing.

  2. Christine Says:

    you guys are both great!

  3. Kay G. Says:

    Pretty good? I should say so!
    You can come and experiment new dishes anytime! All your food sounds so good.
    David on that camel, priceless!

  4. DeniseinVA Says:

    I would say you are very blessed, both of you.

  5. DJan Says:

    I enjoy the breakdown of duties I share with my hubby. He cooks, I eat. 🙂

  6. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    you have a wonderful relationship. better than most, by far!

  7. Musings Says:

    David is definitely a good guy! You’re both very lucky.

  8. joared Says:

    Sounds like compatibility.

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