Father’s Day, 2017

India Miami Washington 008-A

These are our children, Maria and Lisa, at a Christmas party in 2011, one of many parties we hosted in our house over the years.


Today is Father’s Day.  Maria and her family will be attending church services mid-day and then will have dinner with her husband’s family.  Lisa still resides on the mainland, so we won’t be seeing her, either.  However, both Maria and Lisa will call their father to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  David and I will celebrate by having lunch at a Thai restaurant.

David’s parents and my parents are deceased.  We have many fond memories of our family parties.

My father had advised me to sell our two condominiums and buy a house.  He told me that owning land is better than owning atmosphere.  Hence, he was so happy when we followed his advice and bought a house with land surrounding it.

Life is what you make of it.  Again and again, I count my blessings and when I do, I am so grateful for what I have.  You should do the same.

Happy Father’s Day!

3 Responses to “Father’s Day, 2017”

  1. Olga Says:

    You certainly have two beautiful daughters to be grateful for.

  2. Christine Says:

    Happy Father’s Day to David!

  3. DeniseinVA Says:

    Great advice! Your daughters are beautiful ladies Gigi. Happy Father’s Day David.

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