Moanalua 99

On Saturday, David had to pick up two T-shirts at Moanalua 99, a former warehouse in Honolulu which is now filled with restaurants and meeting rooms:

Moanalua 99 002-A

These T-shirts will commemorate the 50th Roosevelt High School class reunion to be held next week.  We walked around Moanalua 99, looking for the place where the T-shirts were to be picked up.  It’s a huge complex:

Moanalua 99 003-A

Moanalua 99 004-A

Moanalua 99 005-A

Finally, we found David’s classmates, who were handing out the T-shirts, stored in boxes:

Moanalua 99 006-A

Then, we decided to have lunch at Diem 99 Café, a Vietnamese restaurant inside Moanalua 99:

Moanalua 99 010-A

We ordered the Diem Sampler, comprised of noodles, summer rolls, spring rolls, pork hash, and stuffed eggplant along with an assortment of sauces:

Moanalua 99 014-A

There were many U.S. Army personnel (male and female) having lunch in Moanalua 99, because it is located near Ft. Shafter, an Army installation:

Moanalua 99 013-A

When we returned home, David tried on one of his T-shirts.  It was rather tight, even for size 3x, and it might shrink in the wash.  But, the art work on this shirt is quite beautiful:

Moanalua 99 024-A

Moanalua 99 025-A

Next week, David will tour the Roosevelt High School campus with some of his former classmates and will have lunch in the school cafeteria.  He will wear his new T-shirt at that time.  I will give him my camera so he can photograph what he sees, especially the school lunch!  I hope it’s nutritious and tasty.

Later, David and I will attend his 50th class reunion banquet.  I am looking forward to meeting David’s high school classmates and having a good time at the reunion.

4 Responses to “Moanalua 99”

  1. DJan Says:

    The artwork is very nice. I do hope the shirt doesn’t shrink too much so that he cannot wear it. That lunch you showed looks good! 🙂

  2. Christine Says:

    Wonderful events planned, and a nice Tshirt. The food you ate looks fantastic!

  3. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    I love the stuffed eggplant from Diem.

    50 year reunion! That is a great one.

  4. DeniseinVA Says:

    What a great looking lunch and I do like the artwork on David’s shirt.

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