A trip to the ER


This is my photo of my room at Pali Momi’s ER.


On Wednesday, I underwent a colonoscopy.  On Thursday, I experienced symptoms of a UTI (urinary tract infection) with fever and chills.  I thought I could treat it with Tylenol and bed rest.

On Sunday at 4:30 a.m., I couldn’t bear the pain anymore, so I jumped in my car and drove to the emergency room at Pali Momi Medical Center.  I did not bother to ask David to drive me, as he needed to sleep.  It was dark at that hour, but I managed to bypass the rail construction and drive through Aiea.  I had no trouble getting to the ER.

Sure enough, the diagnosis was UTI.  I was prescribed an antibiotic, Cephalexin 500 mg, four times per day for ten days.  I was told to take all of it, because not doing so would be dangerous, as the infection would move upwards and damage my kidneys.  No one wants to end up on dialysis.

I am very proud that I showed some independence by driving on my own.  I thought to myself, “You’ve still got it, girl.  Not bad for an old lady of 71.  Just think, you traveled around the world by yourself back in the 1960s and 1970s, and now, here you are, driving to the ER at night.  Who needs a husband?”

Go, Gigi, go!!!

15 Responses to “A trip to the ER”

  1. DJan Says:

    Glad to learn you will be all right. That was very brave of you.

  2. Tom Sightings Says:

    Ha ha … but we already know that you’ve got it girl!

  3. Joanne Noragon Says:

    My first thought, when I was divorced 44 years ago was I would have to drive everywhere myself. And, I have.
    Good job.

  4. dkzody Says:

    Glad you caught the infection before it got too bad. Those can be dangerous. Terry’s mother got so bad before getting help that she was unable to get out of bed and had become hallucinatory.

  5. Christine Says:

    So glad you are ok!

  6. Carole Says:

    Oh Gigi, so glad that you didn’t wait. Untreated UTI’s can be very serious, with the infection ending up in the blood stream, effecting all the organs. Hang in there; hope you feel better soon. Plenty of pampering for you is what you deserve!

  7. Beatrice Says:

    Sorry to read about the infection, Gigi, and indeed brave to drive yourself to the Er and back. Thankful that you will be feeling better with medication.

  8. joared Says:

    UTIs are such an annoyance so glad you got treatment. I always knew I was independent, but it was my husband who seemed to have forgotten I had been and was able to be so — though I had clearly repeatedly stated marriage wasn’t of interest if I was expected to give up my independence. What’s funny to me is a few years before he died, out of the clear one day he said, “What did you mean when you said you didn’t want to give up your independence?” recalling when I finally agreed to marry him. We’d been wed almost 40 years then. I had to chuckle to myself thinking, if you don’t know now, you never will.

  9. DDD Says:

    Wish you speedy recovery!
    “On Wednesday, I underwent a colonoscopy.  On Thursday, I experienced symptoms of a UTI (urinary tract infection) with fever and chills. ”
    Do you imply the colonoscopy caused the UTI?
    My friend had a colonoscopy one day and got UTI the next day, without fever and chills. He and his wife thought the two are related.

    • honoluluaunty91 Says:

      That is quite possible and something to consider.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I think it is due to the bowel prep not the scope.

      • Cathy Says:

        Good to hear you have something to treat the UTI with. That and plenty of liquid should do the trick.
        I used to work for a gastroenterologist and patients using the bowel prep were advised to ‘wash their underparts’ after each bowel movement (and you know how frequent they are during that time) to make sure those parts were kept clean. The constant wiping of that area often resulted in bacteria entering the urinary system resulting in UTIs ~ Cathy

  10. DeniseinVA Says:

    Glad you were able to drive yourself and acted sooner than later. By reading these comments I have learned not to hang around with these things. Feel better soon!

  11. Linda Starr Says:

    glad it wasn’t life threatening

  12. Olga Says:

    Hope you are on the mend with the antibiotics. No one needs a husband, but sometimes they are nice to have around all the same.

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