There are so many helicopters flying over my house lately.  They are either military or tourists or both.  I wish we were in a no-fly zone, but since we have air conditioning, I can tolerate the noise, which sounds muffled.

I recall being on two helicopters, myself.  One flew over the cliffs of Kauai, and the other flew over the volcano on the Big Island.  It was thrilling both times, so I can’t blame tourists for wanting to fly over our house, as we are located next to scenic Pearl Harbor.

These are photos I took of our helicopter ride over the volcano on the Big Island in 2011:



This is a photo I took of our helicopter tour of Na Pali, Kauai in 2007:


Maybe, David and I will take a helicopter tour of Pearl Harbor and take photos of our house from above.  Anything is possible.

8 Responses to “Helicopters”

  1. Christine Says:

    Beautiful photos, I get sick in helicopters.

  2. Joanne Noragon Says:

    Looking down from a helicopter would be exciting.

  3. DeniseinVA Says:

    The photos from your helicopter rides are marvelous. I have never been on one, have always avoided it to tell you the truth. Maybe I should take my courage in both hands when the opportunity presents itself next time.

  4. DJan Says:

    Those are great pictures. I’ve been in a few of them myself, but only to jump out of them. 🙂

  5. Tom Sightings Says:

    The only helicopter tour I ever took was over a different volcano . . . called Washington DC! Anyway, spectacular photos!

  6. Carole Says:

    One of the last trips that my hubby and I were able to take was to the Grand Canyon. We took the helicopter tour and it was breathtaking! Love your pics.

  7. Olga Says:

    I have enjoyed a couple of helicopter rides but they are noisy. I live near an airport and the Air Force jets doing maneuvers overhead are really loud. I don’t have AC in Vermont. I just get used to the noise after a while, I guess.

  8. Cathy Says:

    Now that’s one aircraft I’ve never been in. I’m sure they are just as safe as an aeroplane but …….😊
    The Golfer worked on them during his time in the airforce and flew in them over Borneo but not for sightseeing purposes lol

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