Never take hot showers for granted

thailand-marble temple-5-A

This is a photo of me, feeding the birds at the Marble Temple in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1969.  I was an English teacher at Thammasat University, AUA Language Center, and Voice of America.


It is after midnight Thursday, and I have just had a hot shower and put on a fresh muumuu.  This is understandable when I tell you I had a fever of 101 degrees and went to bed at 4 pm yesterday after taking a dose of Theraflu for my cold.  I am wide awake now and feeling much better.  My fever is gone.

While I was in the hot shower, I recalled taking cold showers in Thailand in 1969.  I resided at the YWCA in Bangkok, where there was no hot water at all.  However, Thailand was very hot and humid, so I got accustomed to cold showers.

Then, there was my 1-1/2 month period in Munich, Germany (1969-1970).  I had been staying with my American friend, Andrea, whom I had met at the opera.  Long story short, Andrea’s landlady told me to leave her house, as she wanted only one tenant, not two.  I found a room elsewhere in Munich.  It was primitive with no hot water or shower stall.  I had to boil a pot of water on the hot plate and mix it with cold water in a baby bath tub I had purchased.  Since it was winter time, the water was freezing, and I had a horrible time bathing and washing my long hair in that small tub.

I had a similar experience in New York (1970-1975), when the boiler in my building broke down in the dead of winter, and I had to shower with freezing cold water.

Now, I am back home in Hawaii.  There is hot water with the pull of a faucet handle, and I have the luxury of taking a hot shower whenever I want to.

I am truly blessed to live in modern Hawaii.  Never take hot showers for granted.

8 Responses to “Never take hot showers for granted”

  1. Linda Starr Says:

    especially in a cold country, I ran out of heat when living in the mountains, no hot showers for five days, a friend during college couldn’t afford propane, no showers for weeks, coldest time ever been in Baja in 80s, no hot water, camping I have heated water for a bath out of a bucket, it truly is a luxury, at least in Hawaii the water may not be as cold as other locations; thinking of the folks without any electricity after hurricanes, they are really suffering.

  2. Christine Says:

    Those were tough times Hawaii is paradise in comparison.

  3. Joanne Noragon Says:

    Take nothing for granted.

  4. dkzody Says:

    Aren’t we blessed! So much good stuff that we have, and most of the time take for granted. I give thanks every day for all the appliances I have, and you just reminded me, give thanks for the facilities in which to use them.

  5. David Says:

    You are so right. I remember when the water heater broke and it was days until we could get it fixed. Those were tough times! With the reliable solar heater that we have now, I have not experienced a cold shower in well over twenty years. Thank goodness for progress!

  6. Bella Rum Says:

    So right are you. We should take nothing for granted. We are so fortunate. Years ago, a hurricane hit our area and we had to take cold showers for awhile, but not nearly as long as you did.

    You are lovely in the photo feeding the birds.

  7. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    So true!

  8. Beatricepboyd Says:

    Agreed thatvwe should never take our modern day conveniences for granted.

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