Glenda or Gigi?

Glenda David-Halloween 1988-A

This is a photo of David and me at a Halloween party in 1988.  I am dressed as a witch, David as a clown.


The name Harvey seems to be in the news lately.  First, there was Hurricane Harvey, then there are the rape allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, and now we are reading about JFK’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald.  Come to think of it, my former boss was named Harvey.  He is a retired attorney.  How many Harveys do you know personally?  Any friends or relatives of yours named Harvey?  It’s not a common name.

You may be wondering why I use gigi-hawaii as my blog name.  It’s obviously not my real name.  Well, back in 1997, I joined City Pub, an online chat room.  First, I went in as Glenda (my real name), but nobody paid attention to me.  Then, I called myself gigi and got a better reaction.  But, another woman called herself Gigi.  So, to differentiate myself from her, I called myself gigi-hawaii.  The nickname has stuck ever since.  Imagine:  I have been gigi-hawaii for twenty years (1997-2017).

My parents named me after the 1940s actress, Glenda Farrell, and as we all know, the good witch in “The Wizard of Oz” was named Glinda.

I wish I could change my real name, Glenda, to Gigi.  Gigi sounds better than Glenda.  Cuter, prettier, happier, wittier, sexier???

13 Responses to “Glenda or Gigi?”

  1. Olga Says:

    Mike had a brother named Harvey, named after their grandfather.

  2. Christine Says:

    Interesting what a name can do.

  3. Hank Chapin Says:

    My best friend in Dobbs Ferry High School, New York was named HARVEY Beaudreault. His parents were French Canadian immigrants.

    The first name that leaps to mind with you is always Gigi, and I have to remind myself to call you Glenda, which does’t seem like your real name.

  4. David Says:

    I first came across the name GIGI in the 1950’s movie starring Leslie Caron and Maurice Chevalier. I saw that long before I even met you. I guess you remind me of the actress who was a free spirit. You still are!

  5. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    So, don’t people call you Gigi if they meet you because of your blog? People call me “Aunty” because of mine.

  6. David Says:

    I decided to buy the movie. I got four best picture winners including GIGI for a total cost of $9.29! This is brand new! What a deal! It should be here in about a week. A love present for my wife.

  7. anonymousinthemainland Says:

    My husband has an unusual first name, no one forgets him after they meet him..My first name is Mary I hate it so much I use my middle name Mary Jane, now pot is legal everywhere I dislike it a lot, most people just say hey Maryjane and how are you..I was named after some relative from about 50 years before I was born, most in my family were named after saints or Spanish saints as my Mother was from spain, my brother is actual Anton but called dick because he could pronounce it easily he hated Anton but had to legally use it for all legal purposes but everyone calls him Dick and his a professor no doubt..One can change their name legally if one cares to do so so I say if you really dislike you name a lot legally change it many of my friends did that after they had a big life moment, death of a spouse and or divorce..Whatever name a person chooses to use, just be kind and loving to the person as life is not always kind and I think most people can use more LOVE..aloha sweet Gigi-HawaiiXXXXXXXXX()()()()()()()()()

  8. DeniseinVA Says:

    I have never met a Harvey that I know of. No one among close family or friends. I loved that old Leslie Caron/Maurice Chevalier movie, Gigi.

  9. Carole Says:

    I had no idea that Gigi was not your real name! No, I don’t know anyone named Harvey. Cute pic of you and David.

  10. Kay Guest Says:

    We had a neighbor named Harvey. He was wonderful but he lost his job and they moved away. He died a few years ago and when we went to the funeral, it was absolutely packed.
    Glenda! I have a cousin named Glenda and she is and always has been gorgeous, so I have good associations with that name myself!

  11. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    I know a Harvey or 2. Also, it was the name of a giant rabbit. A rather cute name, imo.

  12. Bella Rum Says:

    Our parents have to name us before our personalities emerge. You were probably meant to be a Gigi. You could change it. I don’t think it’s very expensive. You’d have to check on that.

    I don’t know anyone named Harvey.

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