Simple life vs complicated life


Photo of me in an orange gown, attending a wedding reception for my Thai students in Bangkok, Thailand.  I was 23 years old and taught English for ten months in 1969.


When I married David, he was just a kid, whereas I was a thousand years old.  He had never worked in a foreign country or on the mainland.  I had worked in Thailand, California, and New York.  He was just a kid, working in Hawaii and still residing with his parents.  So naïve and innocent.

But, I don’t regret marrying David.  His simple, uncomplicated life is so much better than my complicated, messy life.

It’s nice to be married to a stable man, who has a clear vision of what’s right and what’s wrong.  Not many women can say that about their husband.

8 Responses to “Simple life vs complicated life”

  1. David Says:

    I am very impressed by your comments. I stayed in Hawaii all my life to take care of my parents. They were disabled and needed me to do all the physical tasks that they were not able to perform. I did not travel because I was needed here. I have never regretted being the best son, husband and father that I could be.

  2. Olga Says:

    You look so beautiful in that orange gown.
    Your post was so touching and David’s comment made me a bit teary. You are a very fortunate woman. Your life may have been more chaotic but it brought you to where you are today with the wisdom to so fully appreciate it.

  3. DJan Says:

    You found a soul mate in David, and he was a very dutiful son, too. Thank you for sharing this about him. You are indeed lucky. 🙂

  4. Christine Says:

    Maybe he grounded you, a good match.

  5. Granny Annie Says:

    You are the most beautiful in the picture and David was fortunate to have won you.

  6. Joanne Noragon Says:

    Uncomplicated rules.

  7. Kay G. Says:

    David might not have gotten out much but I should think that with his intelligence , he was still a worldly man! And he must have been very smart, he married you! 🙂
    I love his comment above as much as I love you in that orange dress.
    One thing though, next time, zoom in on yourself and give us the photo of just YOU!

  8. Beatrice Says:

    This post and David’s reply speak volumes about your relationship and how well-suited you apparently are for each other.

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