Still alive


This is my dining table (2017).


David is now taking Fosamax once a week, starting yesterday.  He hopes that this medication will stop or reverse his osteopenia.  He also has an appointment with a urologist at Straub Clinic next month to discuss testosterone replacement therapy to improve his bone density.  Right now, his biggest problem is the poor condition of his bones and joints.  This is a condition that plagued his mother, who was bedridden for many years.  Meanwhile, David exercises at the gym every night, swimming ten laps in the pool for 30 minutes, bicycling on the recumbent bike for 25 minutes, and strength training with the machines.  He likes it when the endorphins kick in and he feels euphoric.

As for me, I am 72 and still alive.  I drive, cook, and write a blog.  I am still married, and I own a nice house in paradise.

7 Responses to “Still alive”

  1. David Says:

    You are living the American dream. You live in paradise and have a nice house in live in. You will have more blessings next Sunday when you hear the Dvorak cello concerto and are treated to an afternoon of symphonic music. A nice dinner will follow, Congratulations!

  2. Christine Says:

    Paradise is right, good luck to David, his health would be worse in a cold climate.

  3. Tom Sightings Says:

    Sounds like you’re both doing all the right things.

  4. wisewebwoman Says:

    Appreciating the moments. Always.


  5. B.B. Says:

    Good for David. Way to go! I’m more like you. I’m happy to put my feet on the floor every morning, but I would like to be more like David and my husband who also works out. I try, but I’m not very consistent. I hate it.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I hate to go to the gym to exercise. I tried to do it for a year, but quit because it was so boring. We took ballroom dance classes for several years, but quit because of David’s arthritis and my feet could no longer fit into high heels.

  6. Twyla Brignoni Says:

    I like your site, it has interesting articles, Thank you!

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