Rylan sings on stage

Last night, David and I were invited by Maria to watch Rylan sing with his school chorus on stage at Ala Moana Center.  They sang modern Christmas songs with a solid beat, which had all of us smiling.  When I baby sat Rylan, I noticed he could sing in tune with a great sense of rhythm.  So, I was very pleased to watch him sing on stage last night.

These are photos of the event:


Rylan with his school chorus:


Me, Rylan, and David:


Rylan and Maria:


I am always happy to be invited to  concerts featuring family members.  My 8 year old grandson did a terrific job last night!  Bravo, Rylan!

8 Responses to “Rylan sings on stage”

  1. David Says:

    You are so right. That was an inspirational concert. Congratulations Rylan!

  2. Christine Says:

    Congrats to Rylan, cannot believe he is 8 already!

  3. Kay G. Says:

    Oh! I just typed my reply to you on how you and David met, and so I so to you….more beautiful music!!

  4. wisewebwoman Says:

    You must be so proud, handsome and talented boy!


  5. dkzody Says:

    What a talented grandson. I’m so glad you get to see him perform.

  6. DJan Says:

    How sweet! It brings back memories from my own choir singing as a young person. Sometimes I think I can still sing, but it doesn’t last for long. 🙂

  7. Linda Reeder Says:

    Watching our young family members is always special. Merry Christmas!

  8. joared Says:

    I’m sure your grandson was pleased to have your supportive presence.

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