A bigger TV?

When we are not out and about, David and I stay home and do our housework, yardwork, laundry and cooking. One of the things that keeps David occupied is the TV. It’s a 65 inch Sony with 3-D capability. All he has to do is push a button on the remote, put on his 3-D glasses and watch a 3-D movie. It’s quite thrilling for David. (I don’t watch TV because of motion sickness and lack of interest.)

David told me that 3-D TVs are no longer manufactured for some reason. If this TV breaks, he will be forced to buy one with no 3-D. We have been arguing about the size of the next TV. I think 65 inch is fine, but David feels that a 75 inch or 82 inch would be awesome. I am not sure a bigger size would be aesthetically pleasing. Bigger is not necessarily better. In fact, it’s in poor taste, because it would dominate the room.

See the 65 inch TV in our room? It’s the perfect size:

Meanwhile, the 65 inch TV still works, and David still enjoys watching 3-D movies on his TV. I hope we won’t have to buy a new TV anytime soon.

10 Responses to “A bigger TV?”

  1. David Says:

    I agree with you. If it is not broken, then why replace it. Bigger may not be better, except when it comes to TVs. The top tv on the market right now is the Sony 65 inch OLED (organic light emitting diode). It has the small base that our tv stand requires. However we will keep the present tv as long as the picture is good. When TVs wear out they get very dim and hard to see.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Good thing we all like different things or the electrical stores would go out of business!
    Ours is 42″ and is a reasonable size for our room. Which isn’t spacious open plan like yours which can take a larger tv but you are right Gigi in that big is not always better. Waiting for companies to ‘iron out the bugs’ is a good idea where late models are concerned.
    Let’s know how you both ‘solve’ this predicament

  3. Beatrice Says:

    For years, the biggest TV we owned was 26 in. Which was fine as we only used it with a dvd unit to watch movies as we didn’t subscribe to cable service in VA. Then 5 yrs ago when my mother passed, we inherited her relatively new 37 in TV. A year ago Pat saw a great deal on a 50 in model and bought it. We won’t be getting a larger size anytime soon as this one is the largest size that will fit in the space. The 37 in TV is in the BR now and it too is the largest size that will fit on the stand. Unless one breaks, we also will not be replacing them anytime soon as we still don’t subscribe to any subscription services, but now have a digital antenna and streaming.

  4. DJan Says:

    We have a 45″ TV and it still seems large to me. Our living room is much smaller than yours, but the one you have now seems perfect. 🙂

  5. Alien Resort Says:

    Nothing better demonstrates the onward march of consumerism than the progression of TV screen sizes.

  6. dkzody Says:

    Oh, David would be horrified to come to our house. We have a 1994 19 inch tv that works just fine for the small amount of tv we watch. We have a very small house, so a large tv like yours would take up the whole room.

  7. Elephant's Child Says:

    My partner would be with David. I am with you. Our TV (smaller than yours) is quite big enough for me.

  8. Christine Says:

    I am sure there will be tempting boxing day deals!

  9. wisewebwoman Says:

    I must admit to disliking TVs that dominate a space. That said I have a rollaway 42″ that I use very occasionally for Netflix movies or series. I don’t have television, unplugged that about 30 years ago now and never missed it. I am a movie buff but gave away 1000s of dvds and videos when I moved and downsized.


  10. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    Ah, boys need to have bigger. It will look okay and make him happy.

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