Moku Kitchen

As you know, I am a “foodie.” I am always dining out somewhere with David as my loving companion. On Wednesday, we drove to Kakaako, where the SALT complex is located, and walked into Moku Kitchen for lunch. The executive chef is Peter Merriman, who has lived in Hawaii for quite some time and wanted to bring fresh local produce and meat from upcountry to his restaurant in urban Honolulu.

This is David, posing under the sign. “Moku” is a Hawaiian word, meaning “island”:

This is the entrance:

The restaurant filled up quickly during the lunch hour:

Here we are:

We started with pork pot stickers. I am glad we requested the sauce on the side instead of poured on top of the pot stickers. That sauce is made of pineapple and habanero, which is extremely HOT and SPICY. No joke! A little dab of sauce on the pot stickers is enough.

David ordered the fish and chips. The fish was fresh, not frozen:

I ordered the jidori chicken salad. The brussels sprouts and butternut squash were delicious. However, the chicken breast was over cooked and dry. I had to dip it into the creamy herb vinaigrette dressing to moisten it and give it flavor:

After we exited the restaurant, David paid for parking at this kiosk in front of the elevators. With validation, parking is free for the first hour, then $1.00 for the second hour:

We enjoyed dining at Moku Kitchen. It’s fun to be adventurous and explore the island for new restaurants. That’s what “foodies” do.

11 Responses to “Moku Kitchen”

  1. DavidH Says:

    That is why I love you so much. You are so adventurous and looking for the next great experience. It is such a joy to be with you and I am so thankful that you married me!

  2. Olga Says:

    Sometimes it happens that a dish is not up to par — even when I cook at home.

  3. DJan Says:

    I think I’m going to try your technique of taking pictures of my restaurant meals, even if it’s not as often as you do. Looks good! 🙂

  4. wisewebwoman Says:

    I live vicariously through you Gigi, touring around these lovely restaurants and oo-ing your plates!


  5. Rain Frances Says:

    We are foodies too! But home-cooked foodies lol! You two look sweet in that photo and OMG the fish and chips!!!

  6. Elephant's Child Says:

    Fresh and local are big winners here.

  7. Kay G. Says:

    Looks and sounds very good! You both look good too so you must be doing something right!

  8. evi erlinda Says:

    Foods look appetizing!

  9. Christine Says:

    The food looks delicious, envy the warm weather right now.

  10. DeniseinVA Says:

    I enjoy the posts on the restaurants you visit. Always fun to see new foods.

  11. Tom at Sightings Says:

    Nice … we went out to dinner last night, too. But we drove over to the supermarket that offers a small buffet of hot dishes. We had chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese, salad, and shared a bottle of water. How do you spell gourmet!?!

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