There was a time when David and I enjoyed playing Scrabble together. It was quite a challenge to come up with words that garnered enough points to win the game.

These photos were taken in February 2010. Click on them to enlarge:

These are the letters and points we had left. Mine are on the top, David’s are on the bottom. These points were deducted from the scores when the game was over:

And this is how the Scrabble board looked at the end. I won the game, because David had to deduct more points from his score than I did:

Scrabble used to be my favorite board game. It’s mentally stimulating and challenging.

Another board game I enjoyed was Monopoly. It was so much fun playing with fake money and pretending to be a real estate tycoon.

Is there a reason why we can’t play Scrabble and Monopoly again?

17 Responses to “Scrabble”

  1. DavidH Says:

    Absolutely not! I have the scrabble set in my closet. We can easily play because we are isolating and spending time at home. GAME ON!

  2. Iris Empereur Says:

    I have never played Scrabble… oh, weee.
    LOL. These days estate tycoons have a rather bad reputation due to some orange man with blonde hair!
    I tend to buy a scrabble game! Thank you for the input!

  3. Valerie-Jael Says:

    They are both fun games, you should play again. I don’t have anyone to play with these days, which is a pity. Have a great day! Valerie

  4. Andrew Says:

    No reason you can’t play again, but at times you get past doing things. We used to sit in our back then beautiful green small home courtyard on warm summer evenings and play backgammon. We enjoyed it at the time, twenty five years ago, but no need to revisit.

  5. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …if only I could spell.

  6. Olga Says:

    Have fun! I always loved Scrabble but not Monopoly. I do remember one summer when my kids had a running Monopoly game set up on the porch. That’s the thing — that game can go on far too long for me.

  7. AC Says:

    Scrabble gets too serious for me and a little too competitive, believe it or not. We have played some monopoly with the kids, and I truly have the worst luck — consistently. It drives me crazy.

  8. Cathy Says:

    I’m another who thinks both games can be ‘destructively’ competitive. Best to leave those games as a good memory.
    Try dominoes instead!

  9. DJan Says:

    I used to play Scrabble with my siblings and enjoyed it, but I’m just not much of one to play any sort of games if given the chance not to play. I never liked Monopoly much.

  10. Tom at Sightings Says:

    My wife is a Scrabble player; I like Monopoly.

  11. wisewebwoman Says:

    I play 12 games on line every day with 5 people who live in US, Australia, UK, NZ and here. We have high ratings overall. We have been playing for over a decade and the joy is new words being played and learning. It is very strategic and a good daily workout for the brain, plus I’ve played it when I’ve traveled to Europe, etc. Very portable.


  12. Arkansas Patti Says:

    My sister keeps trying to get me to play scrabble on line with her. I know when I am out classed. She can spell, I need spell check.

  13. Elephant's Child Says:

    We played scrabble and monopoly too.
    And other board games as well. Rubik’s illusion (which tested spatial awareness) was a favourite. And cards.
    I wonder why we stopped.

  14. Christine Says:

    I loved both games!

  15. Hank Chapin Says:

    U u u I would be useless at the end of the game. But both games were fun. In Monopoly, the green never won. Too high priced, though always tempting.

  16. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    Games are fun! My husband and I used to pay backgammon together. I played checkers against him but stopped because he would always win.

  17. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I love Scrabble — it’s my favorite. Rick and I play quite often and he usually beats me but the past couple of times, I’ve won or it’s been very close. We play Sequence a fair amount too. I’ve had hands like those you showed and letters like that left. We call some of them the Old MacDonald letters — eieio!

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