Finger food and a chat

As you know, I love to invite friends over for light refreshments and a chat. When the pandemic is over, I plan to host another small party, featuring finger food, such as Chicken salad sandwiches, Raw veggies with Ranch dip, Corn chips, Pickles, and Mini muffins. Beverages will be apple juice, water, and coffee (caffeine or decaf).

We will eat around the coffee table, seated on our upholstered leather furniture, which is more comfortable than our dining chairs.

This is the brand new polyester table cloth I bought for my coffee table from Amazon. Oh my, there were so many colors to choose from. I chose fuschia. I’ll bring out my yellow cloth napkins. The fuschia and the yellow will echo the colors in my area rug:

Now, I just have to wait for the pandemic to be over before I invite friends over for finger food and a chat.

22 Responses to “Finger food and a chat”

  1. DavidH Says:

    Somehow I think the end of the pandemic is near. Since we are in a high risk group we will be among the first for the vaccine. Then we can live our lives again. We can go to the gym and move about without fear. Your luncheon party will be happening in the first quarter of next year! Congratulations!

  2. Andrew Says:

    Boring apple juice No wine for your guests?

  3. Valerie-Jael Says:

    I hope that you will soon be able to put your plans into action and have fun with your friends. Valerie

  4. Doug M Says:

    I wish I lived closer so I could knock on your door and pretend I needed directions. “Oh hi Gigi, I didn’t know you lived here! I’m your blog friend Doug… that finger food sure looks good!”

  5. Cathy Says:

    What….no tea to drink?
    You probably know your guests better than me….so coffee it is😊

  6. AC Says:

    Meanwhile, we wait. And wait. Sigh.

  7. Christine Says:

    Nice colour it goes well with your couched.

  8. DJan Says:

    I think it might be awhile before we’re able to visit like that. I sure hope you are right and it won’t be long now.

  9. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …hands were made before forks.

  10. Tom at Sightings Says:

    Ha ha … yeah, we’re all dreaming about the future. Hope it comes soon! Meanwhile the colorful tablecloth should cheer you up.

  11. dkzody Says:

    Perhaps a small party on your patio? With your beautiful Hawaiian weather it seems like a good possibility before we can meet indoors.

  12. wisewebwoman Says:

    I would like to be there enjoying your hospitality. I am not as optimistic as David on when it will be behind us.


  13. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I’m missing not having friends over, too. One day….

  14. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Oh those good ole days when we could enjoy informal gatherings–well any kind of gatherings. Sadly I think we have farther to go than we have been before we can again relax. Hope David is right.

  15. Olga Says:

    I have lots of contact with friends but it is all over platforms such as Zoom. I am hoping that things will change but right now it is not looking so good. There is a low incidence here in VT right now but we are still under state of emergency conditions — well, maybe because we are under those strict guidelines that the numbers are low.

  16. Iris Empereur Says:

    This looks wonderful!Let´s hope we all can enjoy meet-ups with our friends soon again.
    (P.S. we had always cars where even tall Ingo could sleep with legs stretched out in Australia, not dangerous at all, on the contrary, no one could break in and steal your stuff! Night Patrol was just about making money…).

  17. Lois Evensen Says:

    How very lovely. Your coffee table finger foods and chat are a regular activity in Norway, too. The foods are usually sweets, though. It was fun many years ago meeting Kjell’s family as we traveled around Norway and enjoyed such events. It was a lovely atmosphere in which to get to know them.

  18. Elephant's Child Says:

    Lucky visitors.

  19. evi erlinda Says:

    A nice fuschia color!

  20. Nancy Chan Says:

    Many of us are looking forward to the time when the pandemic ends. How we long to have friends over for small gatherings. Nice combination of colours of table cloth and napkins to match the floor rug.

  21. Sue Says:

    Dear Gigi and Friends, being afraid to have friends over??? This covid is a psy-ops, to get people isolated from one another – and it’s working.

  22. DeniseinVA Says:

    A lovely seating area! I think having a casual get together around a coffee table such as this would be perfect.

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