Happy Diwali (2020)

Diwali is being celebrated in India right now. Diwali is also called the Festival of Lights, a religious 5 day holiday. Hindus light firecrackers to chase away evil spirits. They also light candles to signify the triumph of good over evil. It’s a very interesting custom, which involves praying, singing, dancing, and gift exchanging.

I read a recent newspaper article that this type of celebration is being discouraged because of the pandemic, which is gripping India.

Anyway, we witnessed Diwali in Varanasi, India in November 2012, when there was no pandemic. We were on a row boat with other tourists, floating on the Ganges River and watching Indians singing and dancing on the ghats (steps) along the banks of the river.

We were encouraged to wear face masks to protect ourselves from germs and pollution.

We lit candles to signify the triumph of good over evil:

David placed his candle on the waters of the Ganges River:

We then floated further on the Ganges River to see the cremation ghats, where bodies were being cremated. Out of respect for the dead, we were not allowed to take pictures.

Happy Diwali to all Hindus.

18 Responses to “Happy Diwali (2020)”

  1. DavidH Says:

    That was a wonderful trip! I had so many memorable moments. I hope to be able to travel again when the pandemic subsides. I am still relatively young and have so many wonderful experiences to participate in before I am too old to travel.

  2. Valerie-Jael Says:

    It’s a wonderful ceremony which I remember from my time in London, where many people were celebrating! Have a great day, Valerie

  3. Andrew Says:

    What marvellous memories of Diwali in India. How great to experience that.

  4. Iris Empereur Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful tradition.

  5. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …I think that all of the world’s religions have a festival of lights!

  6. AC Says:

    I remember showing a film about India and the Ganges and another religious celebration which I won’t try to write at this time because I don’t know how. 🙂

  7. Doug M Says:

    Gigi thanks for sharing this… I did hear it referenced on the news a couple times and wondered what it was. I sure do love the idea of good triumphing over evil, I’m a believer!

  8. DJan Says:

    So wonderful that you and David got to experience it in 2012. My traveling days are behind me, but if I ever got a chance to go to India when I was younger, I would have jumped at the chance. 🙂

  9. Christine Says:

    What a wonderful experience. Interesting that masks were recommended back then.

  10. Lois Evensen Says:

    How beautiful! What a wonderful celebration.

  11. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Love the idea of good over evil but some times I have my doubts. Interesting that back then masks were recommended but noticed not many wore them.

  12. Elephant's Child Says:

    I too have been lucky enough to see Diwali in India.
    A very, very happy (and healthy) Festival of Lights to all those who celebrate it.

  13. wisewebwoman Says:

    Happy Diwali to all who celebrate. We all need this festival of lights today.


  14. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    That sounds fascinating!

  15. Nancy Chan Says:

    I haven’t been to India. Over here, Diwali was celebrated on Saturday 14th Nov. Lots of firecrackers were let off but celebration was on a smaller scale.

  16. Olga Says:

    You have been fortunate to travel and experience world cultures. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

  17. Kay G. Says:

    You guys have been around! What a special memory.

  18. marmeladegypsy Says:

    How interesting. I love learning about traditions elsewhere! Happy Thanksgiving week!

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