Health issues and insurance

On Monday, I had an injection on my right knee via ultrasound at Straub Clinic. Dr. Yamazaki, my orthopedist, did a fine job. It was fast and easy with very little pain. The injected solution lubricated my knee joint, and I can now walk better. However, the benefit is temporary, lasting two to three months. I plan to have more injections as long as they are approved by my insurance. Eventually, I shall have to have knee replacement surgery. David had both knees replaced a few years ago with great success. I hope to have similar results.

I have an appointment with my primary care provider on February 5. I plan to address issues regarding my blood pressure medication as well as the possibility that I will be disqualified from taking the Covid vaccine due to pre-existing health conditions. I shall also have my routine blood tests done one week prior to my appointment.

My health insurance is quite good. We have Humana Medicare Advantage, which Straub Clinic accepts. We pay no monthly premiums, no co-payment for our primary care provider, and only $40 co-payment for specialists. The ER costs $90. Surgery and hospital rates are quite reasonable, too. The plan also includes drug and vision coverage.

We are doing well with the health care we receive here in Hawaii.

22 Responses to “Health issues and insurance”

  1. DavidH Says:

    I cannot say enough about Humana. The hospital bill for my last knee replacement surgery was $56,000.00. My copay was $560.00! My last bone density scan was free of charge. I have 6 prescriptions which are mail order and I do not have to pay a copay. I make ends meet because of my wonderful health insurance. By the way I only pay the Medicare premium and no additional charge with Humana.

  2. Olga Says:

    You guys are good insurance salespeople. I tried a number of times to look at available plans during the switch over period. My insurance is good but I do pay a lot and there are many things that are not covered that I might need down the line, But I gave up because it was SO confusing. I figured I can always try again next time.
    I don’t think I am a stupid person, but sometimes I really need my hand held.

  3. AC Says:

    Glad it is working for you. We don’t pay for doctor or hospital visits. Medicine isn’t covered for most although many workers have a private plan. As a senior, my medicines are covered for the most part. Dental work is expensive.

  4. DJan Says:

    I have Regence Medicare Advantage, and while a bit more expensive than yours, it’s quite reasonable and happily, if I needed a knee replacement, which I don’t, I could afford it too. Glad you found a way to lessen your pain for now.

  5. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …I also have wonderful Medicare Advantage insurance, it’s a blessing.

  6. Doug M Says:

    Gigi, I was wondering if you’ve been walking, and how well. That’s good to read about your knee (and not having to worry about the cost) and wow on David’s share of his knee surgery cost! It amazes me, the older I get, how more & more people I know require knee or hip surgery… it scares me a little. No fun getting old.

  7. Arkansas Patti Says:

    So glad you have good coverage. I would think your pre-existing conditions would make you first in line for the vaccine, They do me for we are the most vulnerable. Good luck.

  8. dkzody Says:

    Your Humana policy sounds much like Kaiser coverage here in California. No payment beyond your medicare deduction. Because of our previous careers, Terry and I both have health insurance beyond Medicare so everything is paid for. I am so grateful for that because I hear of people who have only Medicare and have to pay so much out of their pocket. I do think we pay an exorbitant amount for the Medicare deduction, though. Although there was an increase in social security payments, all of my increase went to medicare deduction.

  9. Valerie-Jael Says:

    Glad your healthcare is good. Look after yourself! Valerie

  10. Christine Says:

    You are fortunate to have good healthcare.

  11. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I have a Humana Advantage through the university which just started January 1. So far, they have dragged their heels on prior authorizations for tests, but we’ll see. I hope it is as good as you say, and I hope you will be allowed the vaccine.

  12. wisewebwoman Says:

    I am so grateful for universal health care here. And I get very distressed reading about other countries and bankruptcy and “pre-existing conditions”, being denied health care. etc.

    You are very fortunate.


  13. minsungch Says:

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  14. minsungch Says:

    Brown rice, vegetable and fuit diet.

  15. Nancy Chan Says:

    It is good to be covered by a good medical insurance plan to help pay for the high medical and hospital bills. I have heard about the injection to lubricate the knee joint and that it is only temporary. At least you are able to walk better until you have your knee replacement done. Take care and stay safe.

  16. Iris Empereur Says:

    Glad you got such a good insurance at least. Knee replacement sounds scary, though! But glad it´s possible. Best wishes your test come out well, too!

  17. minsungch Says:

  18. minsungch Says:

    That’s great!!!!🙏❤️😊

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