Refreshing our living room

We decided to refresh our living room with new things to look at.

This is the result:

Oil painting of a garden by Flo Miyahira:

Oil painting of Malibu Canyon by Ken Shuey:

Pink anthurium plant, purchased at Home Depot:

It’s nice to be able to redecorate our home from time to time.

19 Responses to “Refreshing our living room”

  1. DavidH Says:

    Those are very nice additions to our home. Our house is a very pleasant place to enjoy and admire.

  2. Joared Says:

    Lovely! I’ve never seen an anthurium with coloring quite like that — very pretty.

  3. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …we need to freshen up things too!

  4. AC Says:

    Good choices.

  5. Valerie-Jael Says:

    It all looks great! Enjoy! Valerie

  6. Christine Says:

    Lovely updates Gigi!

  7. marmeladegypsy Says:

    You have some beautiful art. It looks terrific!

  8. Doug M Says:

    I really admire the interior architecture seen in the first photo, and you guys have nice taste. I love the bold dash of blue of that potted plant on your coffee table!

  9. Olga Says:

    Nice touches. Is the art newly purchased or something you rearranged? I absolutely love the garden painting. i think it is important to change things up once in a while if only to get a fresh perspective on things. You have a lovely home that is obviously well loved.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I bought Ken Shuey’s Malibu Canyon painting recently, but Flo Miyahira’s garden painting was purchased in 2013 and brought out from a back room. It is nice to rearrange things to refresh the look of a house.

  10. wisewebwoman Says:

    It’s good to rearrange and reposition and the plant is lovely.


  11. Martha Says:

    It looks beautiful!

  12. Arkansas Patti Says:

    You definitely have some really nice art pieces and they certainly add to your new decor.

  13. Elephant's Child Says:

    It looks lovely. You must both be very happy.

  14. DJan Says:

    It looks wonderful. 🙂

  15. Nancy Chan Says:

    Your living room looks lovely and very refreshing. Beautiful anthurium..

  16. MarkD60 Says:

    Funny, I was thinking about “replacing” some pictures around our house this very morning.

  17. Lois Evensen Says:

    How pretty! What a peaceful space! Yes, it’s fun to refresh around the house from time to time. By the end of April, our Covid vaccine should be in full effect so we’ll get out to check on some items for home. I’m glad we have been so careful so haven’t had to deal with being sick during the past year.

  18. Flo Miyahira Says:

    Love what you’ve done to your living room.- so very peaceful and refreshing. Glad you enjoy the painting – one of my favorites.

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