Dinner at Michel’s

David and I recently had a fabulous dinner at Michel’s at the Colony Surf.

The Colony Surf is a condominium, not a hotel. It is located near the Waikiki Aquarium on Kalakaua Avenue. It is an upscale building with a fine dining restaurant. We were treated like royalty.

Since it is a condominium, you are encouraged to use the complimentary valet parking at the door.

Warning: It is not ADA compliant. We had to walk down 5 steps to get to the restaurant. I managed okay without assistance, but David struggled with his walker. The Colony Surf was built long before the ADA became law. It definitely is not for people in wheelchairs.

Anyway, here are photos of the event.

David and I in the open air restaurant:

The view from our table:

The restaurant:

Lavosh and strawberry butter:

Split pea soup with ham:

The waiter made our Caesar’s salad at our table:

Caesar’s salad:

New York steak:

David: Chocolate souffle:

Me: Fresh passion fruit pavlova:

We wiped our hands on warm moist towels:

We had a fabulous time at Michel’s!!!

17 Responses to “Dinner at Michel’s”

  1. DavidH Says:

    That was a fabulous Father’s Day dinner! It was elegant. The ambiance was incredible. The food was great. All in all a great day!

  2. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …I remember eating on the beach at Waikiki years ago.

  3. AC Says:

    You are quite a gourmand. That does seem like a classy place.

    Oh, I just checked, There are two definitions of gourmand.
    (1) a person who enjoys eating and often eats too much.
    (2) a connoisseur of good food.

    Of course, I mean the latter. 🙂

  4. Douglas Morris Says:

    Wow, what great foodie pics! And what a nice photo of you too with that Hawaiian sky behind you at the top. Glad you had a nice Father’s Day outing, David :^)

  5. Christine Says:

    What a wonderful meal with a view. Too bad the restaurant is not accessible.

  6. Valerie-Jael Says:

    This all Looks wonderful!

  7. Martha Says:

    Very nice and the meal looks delicious!

  8. DeniseinVA Says:

    A very nice restaurant and in such a lovely setting. The food looks incredible.

  9. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Out side of the access, what a wonderful place to eat. Lovely view and oh my the food. You had me at the steak.

  10. Elephant's Child Says:

    It looks great. I am so glad that you could get out and enjoy it despite the difficult access.

  11. DJan Says:

    It does looks like a wonderful meal in a delightful setting. Glad you were both able to make it there in spite of the steps.

  12. marmeladegypsy Says:

    What a lovely place. But yes, you’d think they’d have some ADA compliance, especially since it is a condo community as well.

    • Sue Says:

      Dear Marmeladegypsy, from what i understand, the restaurant business is precarious, at best. ADA compliance isn’t cheap. (All that pounding up perfectly good concrete, then pouring new – squeezing around limited space … what? for about 3 people ;/
      Actually, i’m surprised that nanny-state hasn’t yet taken a ruler to michael. Maybe, because Michael’s is luxury dining ; perhaps, if the business was a plain old eatery, the rules might be different.

  13. Iris Empereur Says:

    I can jump and run, you make me feel humble. And scared.
    Glad you managed, what a great view!!!
    Oh, and now I am more than hungry! This all looks great!
    The towels remind me of flying. ahhh when can we travel again?
    Yum post!

  14. Nancy Chan Says:

    Great view from the restaurant. Wonderful meal, everything looks so good.

  15. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    I have lived here all my life and I don’t think I have ever eaten there. I am more a Zippy’s and take out kind of person and I admire your gourmet choices!

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