No vaccine, no treatment!

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The number of Covid cases continues to soar here in Hawaii, reaching triple digits daily for over a week. It is just awful.

Most patients, who get the disease, are not vaccinated. They are the ones in the hospital, fighting for their lives.

Some people in Hawaii are saying that unvaccinated people, who get sick with the virus, should not receive any medical treatment, at all. It is their fault for getting sick. Who told them to do this to themselves?

No vaccine, no treatment!

Let them die!

Let’s be realistic, people. This is serious.

Get vaccinated.

Wear your mask.

And avoid large social gatherings.

23 Responses to “No vaccine, no treatment!”

  1. DavidH Says:

    I agree with you. 97 percent of people getting sick with Covid are unvaccinated. They gambled with their health. They lost the gamble. They should accept the consequences.

  2. Sue Says:

    Dear Gigi Wow, the push for a semi-tested vax is evidently on. Yours is not the first let-em-eat-cake post i’ve seen – and won’t be the last. As for the people dying from covid, what’s conveniently not being discussed are the individuals’ pre-covid health conditions.

    • dkzody Says:

      From what I am hearing, the ones who are sick and dying now are ones without any pre-existing conditions. They have the Delta varaint which is much more deadly than the Alpha COVID.

  3. Valerie-Jael Says:

    It’s a difficult situation, the numbers are rising here, too. Some people never learn! Valerie

  4. Olga Says:

    That is harsh. However, if the medical system is overwhelmed and decimated, no one will be getting treatment for any kind of illness. So yes, do what you can to stop this virus people.

  5. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …until EVERYONE is vaccinated, this mess will continue.

  6. Doug M Says:

    I don’t think they had this problem with the polio vaccine in the 1950s… I blame Fox News for brainwashing people into “taking a stand for freedom”.

    • Sue Says:

      Dear ApacheDug, polio cripples for life, and that vaccine had been time-tested. As for covid, some get very sick for awhile, while others barely know anything is wrong. Covid is a virus, like the flu, it changes it’s structure; today’s vax may not work for tomorrow’s strain. Our bodies are equipped to fight off viruses, but over-vaxxing can dismantle natural defense systems. So, it’s only smart to be selective when it comes to getting vaxxed.

      Hypochondriacs, stay the heck home, and let the rest of us go to work, make money, buy houses, and fill the stadiums (creating more jobs.)

      • gigihawaii Says:

        Then, you should not complain if you get sick with the covid and are denied treatment for it. Let your natural defense system cure you.

  7. Arkansas Patti Says:

    It is a shame we have been reduced to such a lack of caring by so many. This didn’t happen with small pox, if you weren’t vaccinated you couldn’t go to school and people lined up for the polio vaccine. I can’t see letting them die but banning from any social gathering sounds about right.

    • Sue Says:

      Small pox vax, another time-tested protection from a real killer. While covid is basically a bad flu – which has made, at the very most 1% of the us population very sick, or dead. And most of that 1% had one foot on a banana peel to begin with.

  8. AC Says:

    I am beginning to feel that way, especially in this country where treatment is funded from the public purse. At least they should have to foot the bill.

  9. Nancy Chan Says:

    Over here, those who have registered for vaccination are impatiently waiting to be vaccinated. The cases are soaring and it is getting out of control. I feel for our front liners who are working so hard to save lives.

  10. Christine Says:

    Awful news.

  11. dkzody Says:

    We are again staying very close to home Still wearing our masks when we go out, which is only to essential places. I had hoped to do more restaurant dining, but think we will wait awhile longer to feel safer. There are too many out there running around without being vaccinated.

  12. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I’m all for mandating vaccines, barring admission into public events/places without either vaccine ID or mask or both (Paris just said you have to verify vaccine proof to eat indoors in a restaurant or cafe and I say, oui, oui!). But I draw the line at withholding medical treatment. That seems a tad draconian! But this could end with a simple shot — consider it like a seat belt or polio injection. This has come completely out of hand.

  13. Kaye Says:

    I love your blog and admire the beauty you bring every day to every day life. But I feel moral judgements before giving treatment is wrong
    . What if a drunk person has a car accident? Are you going to deny their treatment for a concussion and a broken arm? What if a person has HIV because of unprotected sex? Are you going to deny treatment and allow them to advance to full blown AIDS? I think there are many examples of this and that is wrong to make a moral judgment before giving treatment.

  14. Wisewebwoman Says:

    The right wing media is responsible for so much of this anti-mask anti-vax behaviour. I feel so sorry for the ignorant who hurtle like lemmings off the cliff edge of their own stupidity.


  15. Iris Empereur Says:

    I´m with you I think the main key is avoid gatherings and keep the distance. With the soccer season and all people do get close, drink, rip off their masks, hug and kiss.
    What will happen come Autumn… people seem to get dumb and dumber…. Ingo returns to work come Monday. What if some colleagues came in with the delta-virus? It´s scary times.

  16. Granny Annie Says:

    Our county in Oklahoma is one of the hardest hit by the D.V. While I was quarantined during the pandemic and got my shots as soon as I could, others in our area were walking around unmasked and refusing masks. Now several of those of died with the virus.

  17. Far Side Says:

    So sorry to hear that Hawaii is being hit hard. WE don’t hear much on the news.
    I do not know what the solution is…workplaces may have to make it mandatory and Public Transportation before we get it under control. A sad situation:(

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