Eggwich Microwave Egg Cooker

I just love easy to use gadgets. David recently bought an Eggwich Microwave Egg Cooker from Amazon for $8.84. It is now on sale for $6.88. David could just kick himself. Grab it before it disappears.

This is the box:

You have to spray the red side with oil. Then crack one egg into it. Cover it and microwave it on high for 1 minute:

I placed the cooked egg on a whole wheat English muffin and topped the egg with a slice of cheese:

It was delicious!

19 Responses to “Eggwich Microwave Egg Cooker”

  1. DavidH Says:

    I must say that was a good find. Our old microwave egg cooker broke at the hinges so I discovered this one. I must mention that the box includes two egg cookers so you always have a spare.

  2. AC Says:

    Cool idea — quick and easy.

  3. Valerie-Jael Says:

    Yummy, great idea for a quick snack! Have a great week, Valerie

  4. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …something new for me.

  5. Granny Annie Says:

    My brother-in-law is fond of gadgets “as seen on TV” and always buys more than one. He shares them before he has even tried them. Some are ok but some are terrible. These look cool.

  6. Doug M Says:

    Hmm! I do enjoy homemade ‘Egg McMuffins’ a couple times a week but dislike having to get out the frying pan for one egg. I need to look into this gizmo. :^)

  7. Arkansas Patti Says:

    I do have a couple of these and just noticed them in the back of the cabinet. I have brought them out as I remember they did make an easy, tasty egg sandwich. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Christine Says:

    Neat gadget, couldn’t you do this in your own bowl though?

  9. Wisewebwoman Says:

    I had one of these, put found them the devil to clean even after a run through the dishwasher. Called an egg poacher here.


  10. Elephant's Child Says:

    My partner is the lover of gadgets here. Some have been great, others less so.

  11. DJan Says:

    That’s quite a useful gadget, all right. 🙂

  12. honoluluaunty91 Says:

    Hmmm. I might have to get one. Would you season the raw egg with salt and/or pepper before cooking?

  13. Nancy Chan Says:

    Nice gadget. I don’t have a micro wave oven so I have to use the old fashioned method.

  14. Far Side Says:

    I think you can use a microwaveable cup, prick the yolk with a fork and cover with a plate:)

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