A horrible catastrophe!

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I have written in the past about how careless the U.S. Navy has been with storing jet fuel in the underground tunnel in Red Hill. These aging fuel tanks, which were installed during World War II, are stored 100 feet above our aquifer, which services southern Oahu. There have been significant leakages from the tanks (as well as the pipes leading from the tanks) in the recent past, the last one being a leak of 14,000 gallons just 10 days ago.

This week, hundreds of military families in the Red Hill area have complained of a foul odor and taste from the water they drink. Many people have said they have vomited and have experienced diarrhea, skin rash, and chemical burns in their mouths. They attribute it to the recent leakage of jet fuel into the drinking water.

The Navy has shut down one of the wells and instructed the military families not to use the water from the tap. They have been told to use bottled water.

David and I also live in the Red Hill area, but we have not been directly affected by this catastrophe. We get our drinking water from the Honolulu Board of Water Supply, not from the U.S. Navy water system. Thank God!

Earlier this year, I emailed a letter to Senators Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz about my concerns. Mazie Hirono never replied to my email. But, Brian Schatz did. He said that I need not worry, as the fuel storage system in Red Hill was safe and would be for another 30 years.

Well, look what has happened, Senator Brian Schatz! Do you still believe the fuel storage system is safe and will be for another 30 years?

The only solution is for the U.S. Navy to remove the entire system from Red Hill and place it somewhere else. We cannot afford to pollute the entire aquifer with jet fuel.

What happened this week is just awful. A horrible catastrophe! An environmental disaster!

17 Responses to “A horrible catastrophe!”

  1. DavidH Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. This is a catastrophe! Pure water is man’s greatest need. The navy has had an indifferent attitude about these tanks for years. It is ironic that only the military families are suffering and not the general population. Maybe this will cause them to move on this issue.

  2. Valerie-Jael Says:

    This is really bad, we all need pure water to drink and it is very irresponsible what the Navy has done.Stay safe, Valerie

  3. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Oh how horrible. Is there anyway it could leach into your water supply? Keep those protests and letters going. Pray your water stays safe.

  4. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …war is a messy business.

  5. DJan Says:

    I do hope this tragedy can be remedied. It’s drinking water that is supposed to be safe! 😦

  6. Iris Empereur Says:

    About 15 km from here they store low- and medium-grade radioactive waste produced by medicine and nuclear power plants.(see here.
    How mindless some produce and store this stuff is beyond me.

  7. AC Says:

    Yuck! 🤢

  8. Doug M Says:

    Horrifying situation. People getting sick on diluted jet fuel! Gigi I’m glad you & David are spared (for now), let’s just hope it stays that way. I hope you’ll let us know if things change for the better.

  9. Elephant's Child Says:

    That is absolutely dreadful.

  10. mageb Says:

    Ours is above ground.

  11. Wisewebwoman Says:

    Out of sight and out of mind is the philosophy. I hope they wake up Gigi and that there is no permanent damage to the people who drank it.


  12. Christine Says:

    how awful

  13. Linda Reeder Says:

    Good for you for being an activist for this cause. Keep it up.

  14. Nancy Chan Says:

    I hope they will have a good long term solution to this problem so that this leakage won’t happen again. Lives and health are affected.

  15. David Gascoigne Says:

    I think it is a given that politicians will tell you whatever you want to hear. As for one of them not even bothering to respond, that tells you a lot, doesn’t it?

  16. Beatrice Says:

    How unfortunate and devastating this leakage has been for those affected families. I hope there will be a possible solution in the near future.

  17. marmeladegypsy Says:

    This is just terrible, Gigi. Yes, that should definitely be moved. I really feel for those who are being affected by this (and grateful you aren’t).

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