Interesting TV shows he watches

David and I have a good marriage. We have been married for 42 years. Basically, we stay home and do our own thing. He has his TV, and I have my computer.

This is David, watching TV:

This is “Pachinko”:

Lately, David has been watching a lot of dramas on TV. He watched “Pachinko,” a complex story about a Korean family living in Tokyo, Japan. It is interesting to note that even in 1930s Japan, this young Korean woman would become involved with a married man with three children. He impregnates her, and she is forced to marry another man, who tries to protect her by telling everyone that the child is his. The movie is based on the book by the same title. “Pachinko” streamed on AppleTV+ and will continue next season.


This is “Tokyo Vice”:

David also watched “Tokyo Vice” about the Yakuza crime world in Tokyo, Japan. I saw part of it. Some of the violence was so graphic it was gruesome. Ugh! I don’t see how he can tolerate watching all this violence prior to going to bed. Doesn’t he have nightmares? “Tokyo Vice” streamed on HBO Max and will continue next season.


Viola Davis portrays Michelle Obama, who is one of 3 First Ladies depicted in “The First Lady”:

“The First Lady” is another show he has been watching. It features the wives of 3 U.S. Presidents and what happened before and after they married their husbands. Some of the stuff depicted is so appalling. For example, FDR’s infidelity and Betty Ford’s drug addiction and alcoholism. So far, there’s no scandal involving Michelle Obama. “The First Lady” is now streaming on Showtime.


Amy Schneider on “Jeopardy”:

David also has been watching “Jeopardy.” This is a game show where three contestants answer questions and win cash. Amy Schneider won 40 games and $1.3 Million. She lost when she could not figure out that Bangladesh is the only country in the world that ends with an H. You really do have to be mentally quick and accurate to win. “Jeopardy” is a syndicated show on CBS.


David likes to discuss the shows with me. I don’t have the patience to watch TV, but I do like hearing the synopsis of each show from him.

As for me, I love to do research on the computer. I share some of my findings on my blog. I am a perennial student, who loves to learn and study. Oh, how I love the computer!

This is where I do my research and write my blog:

As I said, David has his TV, and I have my computer. We get along.

16 Responses to “Interesting TV shows he watches”

  1. David Gascoigne Says:

    I watch very little TV and while I do spend time (more time than I should sometimes) on my computer, I am still a great fan of books and enjoy my library very much.

  2. DavidH Says:

    I find that if you look you can enrich your life with intelligent TV watching. You forgot to mention that I also watch HGTV. This is about improving peoples homes and lives. One of my favorite shows is Househunters International. It takes me all over the world and provides so much insight into other countries people and cultures. The Amazing Race also takes me all over the world. My TV is truly my window on the world. It keeps my mind sharp and accurate.

  3. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …I watch PBS and HGTV!

  4. Doug M Says:

    I’ve got Tokyo Vice in my watch-list, but haven’t started it yet. I did just finish season 1 of “Julia” on HBO Max, about the early days of Julia Child and my gosh I loved it–filled with charm & good food!

  5. AC Says:

    Sue and I seem to have similar tv tastes. British Mysteries are #1 with us.

  6. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Ooh that chair looks too comfortable. Pretty sure I would be asleep.
    Those shows he watches sound interesting and I really would like to watch The First Lady. Can’t get it. I do love Jeopardy.
    During summer I watch mostly baseball.

  7. Olga Says:

    I am more like you — prefer to learn new things and the computer is certainly helpful — or it can be with some discipline! I used to enjoy television, but lately shows seem violent and depressing or just feature endless competitions and “reality” shows that bore me to tears. I think I will watch the First Ladies though.

  8. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I loved the book Pachinko but I worry how it would play as a series. I’m glad so far, so good. I wish I had “The First Ladies” to stream. And I love Jeopardy too! As for me, give me British mysteries, “Finding Your Roots” and I’m happy!

  9. DeniseinVA Says:

    Those TV shows sound interesting. I have watched a lot of shows from other countries and enjoy them very much, not over-the-top violence though. When something shows up I close my eyes and then I know it’s time to change the channel, lol! I have started watching camping shows on YouTube, which Gregg thinks is funny because he would love nothing better than to buy a camper van and start traveling again. I like those camping shows and learn a lot about surviving on the road, but I still prefer a hotel room. Like you I enjoy my blogging more and more these days, not so much TV. Gregg watches a lot of sports and comedy shows.

  10. Elephant's Child Says:

    Snap. My partner loves the television and watches a lot of shows which have less than no appeal to me. I have the computer. And the blogosphere…

  11. Valerie-Jael Says:

    I much prefer computer or reading to watching TV! Valerie

  12. Linda Reeder Says:

    I like both, TV and the computer.

  13. Christine Says:

    I hate gory movies too. Thanks for the synopses

  14. Joared Says:

    We’re so lucky to have the choice of so many ways to occupy our time in addition to our daily activities, time with family, friends. I devote more time to the digital world than i think is wise, also I enjoy some TV, mostly PBS with many music shows, dramas, specials, news including World TV — Japan, Germany, France, BBC; Frontline; local TV news; reading.

  15. Nancy Chan Says:

    Lol! Sounds so like me and my husband. He has his TV and I have my computer. Good that we have and enjoy our own interests. I too do not like watching violence.

  16. Iris Flavia Says:

    Sounds familiar!

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