It’s expensive to own a house. Recently, the valve on our solar water heater was leaking, which meant that the water pressure was too high. The water pressure regulator was malfunctioning and had to be replaced.

Water pressure regulator:

We hired a plumber. He dug up the regulator next to the front door and replaced it with a new one. But, his gauge showed that the water pressure was still 130. It should have been 60. At 130, our water heater, toilets, and appliances would be absolutely ruined.

It was determined that the best solution would be to install the new regulator next to the shut off valve near the street. This was done successfully. The water pressure is now normal at 60.

The plumber charged us $1,539 for parts and labor!

The next day, our landscaper installed a pipe with 8 bubblers to irrigate our hedge in the front yard.

The landscaper charged us $350 for parts and labor!


Is it worth owning a house?


Owning appeals to me. Renting doesn’t.

Go figure.

15 Responses to “Expensive!”

  1. DavidH Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Renting means that you are at the mercy of the landlord. They think of nothing of raising the rent at their will. Massive rent increases of $300 to $400 per month seem to be the norm. Whatever the market will bear. I have never rented. Being a homeowner is the way to go!

  2. Valerie-Jael Says:

    I’m glad you are satisfied with your home even if it means you have expensive repairs from time to time! Have a great week, Valerie

  3. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Yikes, that water regulator was a shocker. I just had one replaced for $70.00. Two would have been $140.00 but then I don’t live in paradise. I know when I lived in Florida we use to complain that we were paying for the sunshine.

  4. Doug M Says:

    I’m sorry to read about your costly repairs, but I’m feeling a little inferior today for being a renter! If I was married I might feel differently about owning a home, but being a single man I very much like my high-rise apartment. I just renewed my lease 3 weeks ago, I only saw a $20 monthly rent increase. Those big jumps aren’t happening everywhere.

  5. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …and renting is expensive.

  6. Granny Annie Says:

    These days it is going to be expensive in owning or renting. It’s called getting you coming and going. Everything costs more now and they have oil prices to blame. I am beginning to think that is hooey.

  7. Christine Says:

    Big bills! That is a part of home ownership

  8. Elephant's Child Says:

    Big bills indeed – though renting isn’t cheap either. And is ‘dead money’.

  9. wisewebwoman Says:

    I sure love not living in a house anymore now that I am old. Headaches like those expenses are not mine and my building is rent controlled which means I pay very little.

  10. dkzody Says:

    Home ownership comes with costs. We were just having a conversation about homes near us that have been bought up by investment companies to become rentals (that should be a crime) and they are taking out the trees because of the upkeep and expense of trees. But that’s what keeps our house so cool and yards so shady. Like you, we will gladly pay the maintenance costs on our house, which is paid for.

  11. Nancy Chan Says:

    Owing a house is expensive especially in maintenance and in repair works. Prices is going up and up in days to come.

  12. Lois Evensen Says:

    Oh, yes, I understand! Our home is over 100 yeas old, we have bee here 43 of those years and we love it, but it isn’t inexpensive it keep it going. Fortunately, our daughter lives here with us. The plan is for her to inherit the house upon our demise so it will stay in the family. It’s so worth it!

  13. Iris Flavia Says:

    Yikes, yes, that is a lot of money.
    Glad we only own a condo in a 14-party house, so some things are paid by all.

  14. Beatrice Says:

    You are correct, Gigi, home ownership can be costly especially now. As far as buying a home that is even more costly these days.

  15. marmeladegypsy Says:

    Yikes! That’s a LOT. And unfortunately, essential repairs. I need a lot of work done — but it’s not happening now.

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