My guys won!

The candidates we voted for all won the Democratic Primary Election handily. We didn’t vote for any Republicans.

Josh Green.
Sylvia Luke.

Democrat Josh Green will face Republican Duke Aiona in the General Election for Governor. Green’s running mate will be Sylvia Luke as Lt. Governor. I tell you there was so much mudslinging aimed at Sylvia Luke by the Carpenters Union, who endorsed Ikaika Anderson, it was appalling! All we saw on TV were glowing praises of Anderson and negative ads smearing Luke’s reputation. These ads linked her to criminals. David told me that Anderson was going to win. I replied that educated people such as teachers, professors and attorneys would vote for Luke, whereas only a few carpenters would bother to vote. (The Teachers Union and University of Hawaii Professional Assembly endorsed Luke, who is a practicing attorney.) Well, I was right all along. Hurrah for Sylvia Luke!

Jill Tokuda.

In another race, Jill Tokuda won handily as the Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, despite negative ads linking her to the NRA and school shootings. I did not vote for her, because we are not in her district. But I was mentally rooting for her, as she ran a very clean campaign.

I am so glad that the educated people of Hawaii saw through these negative ads and voted for Sylvia Luke and Jill Tokuda.

Now, these Democratic candidates will face their Republican challengers in the General Election. I am confident that the Democrats will win that election, too.

16 Responses to “My guys won!”

  1. Nancy Chan Says:

    Congratulations to you. The people of your choice have been chosen. Have a great new week.

  2. DavidH Says:

    Every one of my candidates also won. This includes Ed Case for the US House first congressional district and all of my choices for the Office of Hawaiian affairs. HAWAII is a democratic state and all of the major races will be won by democrats!

  3. Doug M Says:

    This is great news guys, I wish all our states could be as smart and progressive as Hawaii! It shouldn’t happen, but if Dr. Oz wins the Senate seat in my state this November, I’m packing my bags and leaving Pennsylvania!

  4. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …let’s hope that Democrats continue to win.

  5. AC Says:

    i hope you’re right.

  6. Olga Says:

    Not all the candidates I voted for in the primary won, but I can’t really say I am at all unhappy with the candidates that did win. There were good candidates to choose from.

  7. Valerie-Jael Says:

    Congratulations, great that your candidates won. Hope it carries on this way! Have a great week, Valerie

  8. Christine Says:

    Good news!

  9. Arkansas Patti Says:

    That is always the best news and makes you so happy you voted. Hope they keep carrying the lead and win all the way. I live in a red state so I don’t often feel good after elections.

  10. Elephant's Child Says:

    I am glad to hear it.

  11. dkzody Says:

    Sounds like Hawaii has some smart voters. Glad to hear the results. Now, if we can just do the same with the other 49 states!

  12. David Gascoigne Says:

    I am very encouraged by this. Now we need Democrats to win in every state and bury the current version of the Republican Party forever.

  13. DeniseinVA Says:

    That’s great news. I am really glad your candidates won.

  14. Linda Reeder Says:

    We ended up with a right wing nut Trump supported in one of our congressional districts. We are hoping enough won’t vote for him that it will deliver that district to the Democratic candidate. It had been held by a Republican congresswoman who voted to impeach Trump.

  15. marmeladegypsy Says:

    Three cheers — it’s always better when your guys all win!

  16. DJan Says:

    In Washington state, we lost a good Republican when Herrera Buetler was primaried. I can only hope we will be successful in the midterms.

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