Phases come and go

I have been through so many phases:

1. I used to be deeply involved in church life, serving as Eucharistic Minister, Religious Education Instructor, Outreach to the Homeless, etc. I invited priests and Catholics to my home for dinner many times:

2. Then, David and I got involved with Marriage Encounter and attended 2 weekend retreats at St. Stephen’s Diocesan Center. We also attended Love Circle meetings and participated in dialoguing with other married couples as well as each other. This was to improve and enhance our marriage:

3. We also were involved with the University of Hawaii Football Program, attending meetings, parties, and tailgates involving coaches and other fans:

4. I was a newsletter editor for American Pen Women, Honolulu Chapter. I attended monthly meetings and enjoyed the Christmas parties at members’ homes:

5. I used to play my violin with gusto and energy:

Sorry, these phases have all come to an end due to loss of interest. It just got stale.

However, there is one phase that I have not ended, and that’s “Gigi-Hawaii.” I started my blog on November 20, 2006 — 16 years ago. I post 3 days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I still enjoy blogging.

15 Responses to “Phases come and go”

  1. DavidH Says:

    I am very happy for you. You have discovered a lifelong passion which you enjoy so much that is a joy to do. Congratulations!

  2. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …life is a journey.

  3. Doug M Says:

    Interesting… you’ve led a full & varied life, that’s for sure! PS. Gigi I started my blog in Nov 2006 too, but never had it in me to post 3 times a week :^)

  4. AC Says:

    I see that you stood with proper posture to play. Fiddlers just tend to sit and hash about. 😀

  5. Valerie-Jael Says:

    That’s true life changes, we get older, and lots of things are no longer interesting! Valerie

  6. Christine Says:

    Glad you still blog.

  7. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I’m so glad you haven’t ended your blog! I know those phases well. I think we all have them. But they make us more well rounded and interesting people.

  8. Elephant's Child Says:

    I am glad that blogging still holds your interest.

  9. DJan Says:

    What surprises me the most is how little I miss parts of my life that I thought would last forever and now are just memories. 🙂

  10. Linda Reeder Says:

    It wasn’t that long ago that you had a renewed interest in the violin. I’m sorry to hear you gave that up, but I understand losing interest.

  11. Nancy Chan Says:

    We all go through many phases in our life. Most important you enjoyed every phase of your life. Glad that you still have the passion for blogging.

  12. Iris Flavia Says:

    You sure did a lot, there were many phases indeed.
    Interesting to see how different lives go!
    We hat 13 years of weekend-relationship and many things changed through the years, too.
    But… blogging sticks 🙂
    I think it´s good to keep track of our lives like that – share and connect.

  13. Olga Says:

    A full and varied life through all the phases.

  14. Beatrice Says:

    Thanks for sharing your past interest, Gigi, certainly a varied group. Like yourself, myself and husband have gone through various activity phases, depending in part upon our location. Some have fallen away to replaced by different ones. I still enjoy blogging and have no plans to stop because there are so many diverse and interesting bloggers who share their lives, like yourself.

    Congratulations and best wishes to you for continued blogging, my friend.

  15. Tom from Sightings Says:

    It’s fun to review the various chapters in our lives, isn’t it? And I’m sure you still have a few chapters yet to go … and we’ll enjoy hearing about them in your beautiful blog.

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