Class of 1968

The University of Hawaii at Manoa.


I graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1968 with a BA in Sociology. What an experience college life was! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I majored in Sociology and minored in Psychology and Educational Psychology. I also studied Literature, History, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, Art History, and Philosophy among many other subjects.

Sociology involved the study of society, mainly American society. I studied how the Industrial Revolution led to urbanization and the growth of labor unions. Demographics showed the migration from rural areas to cities, and the flow of the wealthy to suburbia. We studied how individuals often felt lonely in a crowd of people, how marginalized they felt not belonging to a group of like-minded people.

Sociologists found the 1960s fascinating. The Vietnam War and the draft dodgers. Anti-war demonstrations. The sexual revolution. Free speech movement. The rise of feminism. Hippies and drugs. Civil rights for minorities. Racial strife.

Has American society changed since then?

Though it was stressful cramming for exams, I truly enjoyed being a college student. The time I spent at the University of Hawaii is priceless. I am a proud alumna. Class of 1968.

14 Responses to “Class of 1968”

  1. DavidH Says:

    I am glad that you enjoyed your college experience. I majored in music education and I also took many liberal arts courses. I felt that the music department was a tight knit community and I experienced many positive relationships.

  2. tomthebackroadstraveller Says:

    …I graduate the same year, but 4,548 miles to the east.

  3. Christine Says:

    A nice look back.

  4. Rain Frances Says:

    I LOVE school…actually every September I kind of reminisce about my school days!

  5. AC Says:

    Uni was a good experience for me too.

  6. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I loved college too. My theatre degree didn’t exactly help me out in the career line after graduation but it helped me every day of my life in managing other jobs and just living. I think the times have changed significantly. Even when I was still working, I noticed, walking on campus, that people never said hello as they passed, which they always used to (even to strangers). There was just a meeting of the eyes, a smile, a greeting (unless someone was in deep conversation.) Now it seems like everyone walking is in deep conversation with their phone — they rarely look up (I’m often surprised not to see some have splatted out tripping on an uneven crack!). It’s just different. I’m glad I was in school then.

  7. Elephant's Child Says:

    I loved those days too.

  8. Valerie-Jael Says:

    Those were the days. I graduated in 1968, too! Have a great week, Valerie

  9. Doug M Says:

    I studied Sociology my first year of college and loved it, by far my favorite course. I can’t imagine a more exciting time to be in college than the late 1960s–I envy you!

  10. DJan Says:

    My own limited college experience was very useful, even though I was working full time and had a young son.

  11. Lois Evensen Says:

    Your college years were so great and certainly classic 60’s. I’m in the same group. I have also taught as an adjunct professor. You ask if things have changed? Yes, they certainly have. The entitlement now exhibited by so many is only a small part of it. I’ll not get started here, but I fear for our country unless we get back to the basics of hard work, patriotism, loyalty, honesty, and love for one another.

  12. Nancy Chan Says:

    How wonderful to look back to those wonderful days in college. You must have lots of wonderful memories from your time studying there and getting to know the many students in college.

  13. Olga Says:

    I have to admit my college years were not filled with all that much fun, but they did serve me well in the end.

  14. Tom from Sightings Says:

    That’s why my wife and I are avid students at our senior learning center. It’s just like college, with hardly any homework and no exams!

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