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Two sons

February 21, 2017


Plants at Home Depot.


My previous post showed photos of my grandson (age 7) and my granddaughter (age 9).  Today, I would like to discuss what happened to the sons of two mothers I met in the distant past.

One mother told me that she had been taking birth control pills when her doctor told her she was three months pregnant.  She said she had taken the pills regularly and could not understand how she became pregnant.  Perhaps, the pills were old and past their expiration date?  She was not sure.  She was worried and anxious that her son would be abnormal.  When her son was born, she was told that he was healthy and normal.  However, she monitored him carefully during his first year.  She was relieved when he flipped over by 4 months, crawled by 6 months, and walked by 1 year.  By 2 years, he could say “Safeway,” when he saw the sign above the store.  The kid could read!

The other mother was sitting next to her son, who was in a wheelchair.  I asked her what happened to her son.  She said that he had gotten off the bus, tried to cross the street in front of the bus when a truck’s side mirror struck the side of his head.  He collapsed and was in a coma for several weeks in the hospital.  In a split second, his life changed forever.  He cannot speak or walk anymore.  He was awarded a large sum of money from the truck driver’s insurance company.

By now, these two sons must be adult men.  I wonder what they are doing now, as I have not seen their mothers since then.  I hope my own grandson remains healthy and normal.

Grandkids and electronics

February 20, 2017

I babysat my grandkids last Friday, because they had the day off from school and their parents had to work.

Rylan (age 7) and Julia (age 9) in my home:


Of course, they brought their tablets and Pokémon.  This is Rylan, sitting on a chair in my guest room:


This is Julia, showing me her wallpaper for Pokémon, on the bed in my guest room:


This is David, looking at his IPad, and Rylan, looking at his tablet, in my living room:


After lunch, Rylan and Julia (holding her Pokémon), walked up our street to get some fresh air and exercise:


My grandkids are so easy to babysit.  I just love them!

Solar water heater

February 18, 2017

In 1997, we took advantage of a tax credit by purchasing a solar water heater.  This cut our electric bill by a considerable amount, depending on the number of people living with us.  In 2012, we replaced the entire system after we installed a new roof on our house.  Every five years, we have the solar water heater serviced.

This is how the laundry room and the heater in the patio look when the doors are closed:


The 80 gallon water heater is on the right side.  The hose on the bottom is flushing and draining the heater, and the water flows into the grass:


This magnesium rod prevented the heater from rusting:


This is Douglas White, the owner of Affordable Solar, who installed our solar water heater in 1997 and 2012:


This is his assistant, who cleaned the solar panels with water and a towel and is shown painting the rubber lining with black paint:



This is Douglas White, removing the hose from the water heater:


David and Douglas chat:


We are very pleased with Douglas White and his company, Affordable Solar.  Good job!

Shirokya: Japan Village Walk

February 16, 2017

On Wednesday, David and I drove to Ala Moana Center to dine at Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk for the first time.  There was ample parking on the Ewa side street level, and I noticed that I had parked my car near Foodland.  I always like to find some sort of landmark so that I won’t forget where I parked.

Here’s David in front of Shirokiya:


This is what we saw:



David was excited to see this bar, featuring draft beer (Budweiser and Bud Lite) for $1.00 per glass:


We bought our food from this station, called Pineapple Steak House:


I ordered the Pupu Plate for $12.80 and a can of passion orange juice for $1.11.  The meal consisted of a vegetable salad with French dressing, chicken, garlic shrimp, fried calamari, steak, and French fries:


David ordered the same Pupu Plate for $12.80 and two glasses of draft beer for $1.00 each:


The food was delicious.  We had such a pleasant time at Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk.  However, we did not know that we could have had a senior discount on Wednesday by showing the sales clerk our ID with our date of birth.  What a shame!  David (age 67) could have gotten 8% off, and I (age 71) could have gotten 10% off. This deal is only available on Wednesday.  No discount on alcohol.

Upon exiting Shirokiya, I was able to figure out where my car was parked by looking for the Foodland sign.  For an old lady, I am doing just fine.

P.S.  I am sorry to report that my blog friend, Dianne Schmidley (see my blog roll), has just had a stroke and is now in ICU at a hospital.  Please keep her in your thoughts, and let’s hope that she recovers.


Painting and Zippy’s

February 15, 2017

Last week, David and I bought a gallon of custom made paint at Home Depot.  Then, David painted a wall in the garage and the doors to the water heater and laundry room:







He rested in the patio, absorbing Vitamin D from the sun to boost his bone density:


Then, we drove to Zippy’s for lunch.  David ordered fried chicken, and I ordered teri-beef and ZipMin.  There was still some paint on David’s elbow:


After lunch, we went to the Napoleon Bakery section of the restaurant and bought a delicious coconut cake to take home.  There’s coconut pudding on the top and between the layers of the cake, and shredded coconut on the sides:


David does the painting and the gardening and the outdoor stuff.  I do the indoor stuff, such as cooking, washing dishes, dusting the furniture, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.

We work as a team.  We enjoy fixing up our home.

Gardening and a Japanese lunch

February 13, 2017

A few days ago, David and I drove to Home Depot, our favorite place for plants.  We wanted to buy a new croton plant to replace the one dying in our front yard.

There were plenty of crotons to choose from:


This is David, pushing his shopping cart:


He dug out the old plant in our front yard, filled the hole with water, and planted the new croton:


The new croton will soon be as tall as the one next to it:


For our lunch, we drove to Gyotaku Japanese Restaurant on South King Street.

Salad and miso soup:


Assorted tempura, including shrimp, sweet potato, eggplant, and green beans.  Brown rice and shredded seaweed.  A bowl of sauce to dip the tempura in:


Rainbow shave ice for dessert:


Over the next few days, I’ll show you what else David has been doing to fix up our home.  We both take great pride in home ownership.  We are so glad that we are not homeless and hungry.

Rain storm

February 12, 2017

On Saturday, we experienced a terrible rain storm here in Hawaii.  There was no thunder, but a steady downpour that lasted for hours. I was glad that our new roof, installed in 2012, held up, and there was no leakage.

Our driveway:


We were grateful for our covered garage:


Our patio:


David pounded the gutter, when it got loose.  He had to remove his shirt to prevent it from getting wet in the rain:


Our crotons were soaked, but the colors were still beautiful:


We turned off our water sprinkler, effective Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, as our lawn had received enough rain to last several days.

By 3:45 pm, the flash flood warning was canceled for Oahu, as the storm moved to the other islands in the Hawaiian chain.

Replacing Mom’s old house

February 10, 2017

In 2015, my mother passed away at the age of 99.  Her house in Manoa was sold for $1.175 million to two doctors.  This is a photo of the house in 2011:


Despite the fact that the house had been built in 1953, it was still very nice.  However, the doctors felt that it was too small for their needs, so the house was removed and placed on top of a flat bed truck.  It was taken to the north shore, where it was donated to a local family.

In February 2017, this new house replaced my mother’s old one:



The garage still needs to be expanded, and the landscaping is not finished, but I think the new house looks great.

This is the link to my blog post in 2011, showing photos of the neighborhood in Manoa, where I grew up:

I wish the new owners all the best that life has to offer.  Cheers!


He’s active, not passive

February 8, 2017


David prides himself on being a physically active person.  He is not one of those people who are content with sitting and watching TV all day.

Since we got married in 1980, I have never had to wash my car, at all, because he always washes mine after he washes his.  It’s not an onerous duty for him.  The above photo shows him washing my Hyundai Accent, which I purchased brand new last year.

And, yes, David painted the driveway green, because it looks better than bare concrete.  Who wants to see oil stains and mildew on bare concrete?  Isn’t green better?  However, we should have dyed the cement before it was poured.  That would have saved us the trouble of painting it.

Today, we have a bunch of errands to run.  We will buy a can of yellow paint, a new croton plant, drive to Manoa to see my mother’s old property, drive to McCully to see my grandmother’s old estate, have lunch at a Japanese restaurant, and then drive home, where David will plant the croton.  I think the errands today will result in several blog posts in the near future.

Brahms and Super Bowl 51

February 6, 2017


Children played the violin in the lobby of the Blaisdell Concert Hall on Sunday.

David and I were at the Blaisdell Concert Hall to hear a live performance of the Brahms’ Double Concerto for Violin and Cello with Iggy Jang on the violin and Mark Votapek on the cello.  This was the first time we saw and heard it live.  It was an excellent performance, well deserving of the standing ovation from the audience.

Before the concert, I bought a bag of roasted macadamia nuts from this stand outside the concert hall:


The macadamia nuts were warm from the roaster:



After the concert, we drove to Panda Express and bought a Chinese dinner to eat at home.  We were thrilled to watch our favorite quarterback, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.  We watched the recording on our TV:




New England was behind 21-3 at half time, so we assumed they would lose.  Isn’t it amazing that people can come from behind and win?  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Determination will overcome any obstacle.