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“gigi-hawaii” is a blog nickname for Glenda Chung Hinchey, a third-generation Korean-American, born and raised in Hawaii.  I graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1968 (BA Sociology) and then traveled solo around the world for seven years, living in California, Thailand, Europe, and New York.  I taught English at Voice of America, Thammasat University, and AUA Language Center in Bangkok and was a graduate student in music at Columbia University in New York.  I was a commentator on Hawaii Public Radio for more than a year, and have published an anthology, three memoirs, and many newspaper columns.  I was a legal assistant in Hawaii for many years.  My husband and I have two daughters, a son-in-law, and two grandchildren.

My interests include classical music, Broadway musicals, art museums, Hawaii, New York, Europe, Thailand, Korea, beautifying our home, enjoying married and family life, and blogging.

  • You can borrow my books from Hawaii state public libraries.  They also are sold on Amazon.
  • “Literary Breeze from Hawaii: An Anthology”:  A collection of short stories, poetry, and essays written by members of the National Writers Association-Honolulu Chapter.
  • “Like a Joyful Bird: A Memoir”:  “Hinchey’s memoir follows a line begun by her Korean grandparents and continued through her life as an adventurous teacher in Southeast Asia and her more stable career in Honolulu as wife and mother.  She tells her story in charming, savvy vignettes, but more importantly, Hinchey has tapped into something profound – a life doesn’t begin with birth and end with death.  We’re all a part of a continuing process.”  – Burl Burlingame, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
  • “Love, Life, and Publishing: A Second Memoir”:  “Former Hawaii Public Radio commentator, Glenda Chung Hinchey, returns with the sequel to her 2003 memoir, Like a Joyful Bird.  Hinchey’s Love, Life, and Publishing: A Second Memoir repeats the formula, this time with family anecdotes extending to the present day.  Hinchey also includes two appendices explaining how she managed to turn a profit while self-publishing her first book and how she snagged the HPR gig.  Her family’s story is a fascinating glimpse into the process by which so many local Korean families fought their way into Hawaii’s middle class within a few generations.”  – Joel Harold, Honolulu Weekly
  • “Look for Me in Hawaii: A Third Memoir”:  “This book is a collection of stories from the author’s past, her third such effort.  The stories focus on relationships with friends and family.  Born in Hawaii, she lived away for a number of years and has returned to make the islands her home.  The stories run the gamut from details of her daily routine to taking a trip to Croatia to visit a long-lost flame.”  — Honolulu Star-Bulletin

26 Responses to “About”

  1. Suzanne McCrary Says:

    Go, Glenda! Thanks for sharing — reading bits and pieces is about my speed and it’s all interesting! Keep writing — I’m waiting for your 3rd book. Good luck in expanding to the mainland.


  2. Ken Shuey Says:

    Hi Glenda,
    Matt and Ginny Seymour sent me your blog-site. I’m enjoying reading it. Good luck.
    I think you and I exchanged email once before when Matt told me of your writing. I hope you remember me as Matt’s old Peace Corps friend and friends of both of them when we were all students at UH. And then I met you at their apt in NY.
    Good luck with your blog, I’ll check it regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


  3. gigihawaii Says:

    Big mahalo to Suzanne and Ken for dropping by the blog. Just so you know, it won’t be entirely about writing and publishing, although I started out that way. Suzanne and I have known each other since high school, and I’ve known Ken since my time in New York. This is a great way to keep in touch.

    Thanks also to Ian Lind for plugging me in his blog, and to Matt Seymour for telling his friends about it, too.


  4. gigihawaii Says:

    Readers, please click on Ken Shuey’s name listed above to see his wonderful website. It displays Ken’s beautiful artwork. He graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Art. — gigi

  5. charles smith Says:

    Hi Gigi:
    Found your site via my old friend Ian Lind’s blog. I am also a writer and had my first novel published earlier this year at the ripe young age of 52… I also graduated from UH and lived in Honolulu for many years, plus time on Lanai and the Big Island. I currently live in Berkeley CA which has been home for the past 19 years.

    I have a blog which tends toward the analytical but you might enjoy looking at my archives http://www.oftwominds.com/archive.html
    My blog has just reached the 400,000 visitor mark for this year which seems pretty good to me.

    I wish I shared your enthusiasm for selling your books–you are so right that it’s part of the biz, but I just can’t do it consistently. Therefore I accept that my book(s) will never sell. C’est la vie.

    I look forward to reading your work–

    best regards,
    charles smith

    Note from gigi: To access Charles’ blog, please click on his name. The site address he mentions in the body of his message no longer works.

  6. gigihawaii Says:

    Hi Charles,

    How ironic! I don’t know where I read your article, “For aspiring writers: the worst advice you’ll ever need,” but I liked it so much I printed it out and filed it away in my binder. So when you posted your comment on my blog, I really chuckled.

    I went to your blog and enjoyed browsing thru it. Congratulations and good luck with your book.


  7. addahknowjoe Says:

    Aloha gigi-

    Wow! I feel like I’ve just walked out of Aloha Stadium and right into the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I am truly humbled by your rich and diverse interest in life, gigi.

    You know, I’ve got to get those gruff men (from the “other” blog) on over here to get”cultured”. Apparently, there’s more to life than football. =) Hmmm… go figure…

    What a wonderful blog, gigi!

    Many well wishes toward your continued success!

    Malama pono

  8. gigihawaii Says:

    Hi, Joe,
    Thank you for the nice words and for stopping by. Much appreciated. Hubby and I will see you again at the next blog party. Aloha, gigi

  9. Cloudia Charters Says:

    Aloha, Gigi!
    Just discovered your blog, and as a writer with a new “local book” to share I appreciate your good information about finding readers. Mahalo. I know I’ll check in to see what you have to say about the passing scene too……..Cloudia

  10. gigihawaii Says:

    Hi Cloudia,

    Thanks for the email. I will call you soon regarding lunch.


  11. BabySpeed Says:

    Hi gigi!

    I was reading a blog about the Bachelor and saw your name. It flooded me with memories from all the citypub1 people.

    Glad to see you’re still around!

  12. gigihawaii Says:

    Wow, citypub was back in the 1990s, a long time ago. Good to see you again, BabySpeed, and thanks for stopping by. — gigi

  13. kekoa Says:

    gigi – I’m interested in finding out how to publish my own book. It’s actually a bio on my father who at age 80 is slowly starting to lose his memory, so time is running short.

    I thought I would ask you, because of your experience, and the fact that you seem to write in the style that I feel comfortable reading.

    Basically, the story centers on his growing up as a child that was thrust into the “Hanai” system. It continues on to show how he overcame a unique form of Racism. He has been an inspiration to our Ohana, and I felt it was a story worth telling.

    Readership? Not worried about it. I have the financials to cover all the necessary expenses. If just one person read this book, I would be honored.

    I am of average intelligence with only 2 years of college. Would you suggest that I have an editor review my work? See, that’s the part I have no knowledge of. So far, I just write what I recall from his storied past.

    Mahalo for your support of UH Sports.


  14. gigihawaii Says:

    Hi Kekoa,

    Great! Congratulations!

    I used to attend critique sessions at Aina Haina Library — in a meeting room. They met between 10 am til 12 noon every Friday. You don’t have to make an appointment, just go. There are about 3-4 writers who share their chapters with each other and critique each other’s work. It helped me a lot. Bring 5 copies of 1 chapter, double-spaced.

    As for self-publishing, you should buy my book, “Love, Life, and Publishing” at Borders Book Store — Ward Center or Waikele or Pearlridge branches. Read the chapter about publishing. It tells how I did it thru trial and error.

    Good Luck!

  15. mctruck Says:

    Hey girl,

    I had to stop for a moment and wonder where you’ve been on the sports blog in the advertiser? Hope all is well?
    I try to put in my two cents every now an then and read up on what’s happening, mostly lurking as they say.
    Take care, Ms. gigi.

  16. gigihawaii Says:

    Hi McTruck! Long time no see. The Warrior Beat is ancient history. But, hey, if you are curious about me, just come and visit my blog anytime.


  17. Devang Vibhakar @ SpeakBindas Says:

    Hey, would like to interview you. Couldn’t find your Contact id here. Please mail me back and we move ahead.

  18. Aku Says:

    Hey Gigi! Congratulations on your books and wonderful site! I found gigi-hawaii while looking for local bloggers for Champa Thai. Hope you don’t mind, I put your Champa review as a link from my site – http://akueats.com/champa-thai-a-closer-look.asp – Please lemme know if you’d care to do a home page link exchange, as well! Keep up the great work!


  19. gigihawaii Says:

    Hi, Aku, please check your email for 2 messages from me.

  20. Aloha Tony Says:

    please see my re-blog of your post today. What a great post. You probably didn’t think it was anything, but it was actually great from a real estate blog perspective.
    I added a link to your post in my blog.

    Would you consider adding my site to your blogroll?
    it’s http://www.alohatony.com

    Tony Kawaguchi
    Aina Haina

  21. Wanda Adams Says:


    Doing a Web search on some past Advertiser work I did, I found your July, 2010, question to Ian Lind about whether I’d be working with the SB. As you’ve no doubt figured out, the answer is, I freelance for them on a periodic basis. I try to file a story to them monthly but it’s all up to them whether they’re interested.

    I invite you and your readers to check out my blog. Thanks for your interest. I’m doing a lot of other freelancing (editing a book for KCC, writing a blog with Wally Amos, writing for Edible Hawaiian Islands) and surviving quite well for now. At some point, I’ll have to find a more regular and assured source of income if I can, but I’ll never stop writing about Hawaii, Island food and culture and cooking.

    Much fond aloha, my friend,


  22. Wanda Adams Says:

    Ooops…the blog is OurIslandPlate.com

  23. Kate Kresse Says:

    Saw your post on Sarsm’s page re Bell’s. I came down with Bells 12/28/2010. Been battling it a bit but doing better. visit my blog if you want— http://believeanyway.wordpress.com

  24. joared Says:

    I just read your “About” page and don’t think I recall realizing you had written some interesting sounding books though I had gathered you lived in a number of different countries. Will have to add them to my list of books I hope to get around to reading eventually. I was looking for an email address for you, though I guess I could have put this in a comment on your blog. I came across an Indian blogger I’ve been reading recently and it occurred to me, since you’re traveling there, that you might be interested in his blog, if you aren’t already aware of it: http://gvk2.wordpress.com/

  25. Joared Says:

    Gigi, didn’t find an email address for you so will write here. FWIW I think you and David might enjoy Ian’s Monday music posts beginning with this one: https://ian-bertram.me/the-art-of-the-duet#comment-11

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