2nd anniversary Warrior Beat blog bash

Tsai-kos from Oahu, Kauai, Maui, the Big Island, and the mainland gathered together in the Ed Wong Hospitality Room of the Stan Sheriff Center at UH on July 10 to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the inception of the Warrior Beat blog.  The party lasted from 5:30 to 10 pm.  Admission was just $20 in advance and $25 at the door, and for that small sum, we got delicious food, refreshing beverages, delightful entertainment, and great door prizes.  There were also Tsai-ko marked glassware, Tshirts, and lei for sale to benefit the athletic department.

Tsai-ko culture table displayed various items that are closely identified with certain bloggers.  Here’s gigi’s muumuu.  I wore it in Stretch’s golf video.

Addahknowjoe’s cowboy hat, Homey’s mask and chopsticks

Jason is a math major at UH.

Warrior trophies, marking a stellar 2007 football season

Band:  Kaipo, Addahknowjoe, KamaKrab, and WreckinEyez

D1shima, Wendell, and Kai

Ricky, BG, and HiFlyer

Midori7 and UHfan808

Stretch and James

Mrs. Bulla in the center and Bulla in the back, looking like Shrek.

Gorg 915, Jack Flash, and Kai

Meg and Curt

Warrior Beat blog-meister Stephen Tsai with editor Esme

Coach’s wife Heather McMackin and their daughter.  Heather will conduct a football clinic for wahine in August.  I plan to attend.

LongTimeUHFan, David, Coach Greg McMackin, and Lorna

Athletic Director Jim Donovan and wife Tracy

Tom Mui (sitting) and Al

Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw was instrumental in hiring Coach Mack and Athletic Director Donovan.

Performing the Haka

Rep. Mark Takai presented a certificate, recognizing the 2nd anniversary of the inception of the Warrior Beat, to Stephen Tsai with James watching.  The certificate was a joint House-Senate effort.  ST then spoke about how he had banned gigi (me) from the blog, because I did not stick to football-related topics.  Weeks later, he had an epiphany and realized that gigi represented the people and people are the ones who drive the blog.  The blog belongs to them, not to him, alone.  So he phoned gigi and apologized, begging her to “come back home,” which I did.  It was an emotional speech, and tears were shed as ST also thanked his wife for her support. 

The party concluded with all of us singing “Hawaii Aloha.”  Do you recognize Sweety (in the black and red muumuu) and Da Punchbowl Kid (in the white aloha shirt)?  I haven’t forgotten about the food.  Here it is:

A good time was had by all!

22 Responses to “2nd anniversary Warrior Beat blog bash”

  1. bighilofan2 Says:

    GiGi my dear,

    thank you so much for taking the time to write and post these pictures. things happen. my missing the party brought me to this site. thank you for a wonderful job.

  2. gigihawaii Says:


    Sorry you couldn’t make it. Next time for sure!

  3. M Says:

    Looks like it was a great party and everyone had a great time…thank you gigi for sharing.

  4. Tom Says:

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    Lois, who is a football fan, who goes back to the days of Rainbow football, with Coaches Tommy Kalalakui, Vasconcellos, Kodros, Price et al, enjoyed meeting you.

    Great part y – and thank you again.

  5. trashouts Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm da food look ono. I wish I could have been their but I was stuck on the Big Island……….you know the really big island, in California. The pictures look great. You did an awesome job with it.

  6. Long Time UH Fan Says:

    Gigi, Mahalo for taking our pic with the Coach and your hubby Dave. Lorna was thrilled to have participated in this auspicious 2nd anniversary blog bash as she had a great time meeting the Tsaikos, et al. We enjoyed chatting with you and hubby.

  7. Bulla Says:


    great photos, mahalo for posting them. i hope you and hubby had a good time…what a night!

  8. LizKauai Says:

    Thanks, gigi! I’ll work on all my stuff this weekend.
    It truly was a very special night. Every person played their part and every speaker attempted to describe the indescribable and eloquently revealed some of the myriad aspects that make the Warrior Beat what it is.


  9. MeiLing Says:

    Aloha, Gi-Gi,

    Mahalo for posting pictures so soon. It’s fun to see, even from a distance, the partying & comraderie that the Tsaikos have. Laterz.

  10. Jack Flash Says:

    Nice finally meeting you and Hubby last night Gigi! That was a great time- jagers were flowing… Nice pics too!

  11. Jason Says:

    Thank goodness, no pictures of me! 😉

    BTW, it was the haka, not the ha‘a, that they performed.

  12. Wena Says:

    It’s nice to visit your blog. I didn’t know you had one. I’ll visit it more often…even if I might just be a lurker, okaky?

  13. FloridaTed Says:

    Thanks, Gigi, great pictures. It helps us mainlanders a lot to take part in the fun this way.You did an excellent job and your write-up enhances the ambiance. Thank you again.

  14. las vegas Says:

    Nice pics!
    Lots of new faces and a few old ones too!
    Great Job!
    btw who got your muu muu?

  15. gigihawaii Says:

    LV, the items on the culture table were not for sale, so I took my muumuu home.

  16. Stephen Tsai Says:

    Very nice recap of the night’s events.

  17. al Says:

    las vegas…..i thought the muumuu was a raffle prize too.

    ahhhh. the historic first muumuu of golf from the first lady of the warrior beat.

    well, gigi my portion of the program was pre-empted due to time constraints. but, just so you know i was gonna praise you for being the first lady of the beat and that you represent so many other of the women out there.

    what i like best about you is that you are all so forgiving. i mean sometimes we do overly abuse your sense of humor but you take it with a grain of salt and keep coming back for more.


    cya on the blog girl.

    …nuff said

  18. HiFlyer Says:

    Gigi, nice photos thank you. Aren’t you glad that you stayed late?

  19. gigihawaii Says:

    haha, yeah, I’m glad we stayed til the end. Good stuff, people! Thanks for your comments!

  20. Kekoa Says:

    Gigi ~ Spoke to David at the bash about his 1st great golf outing on Kauai. He was bashful and didn’t want to except credit for scoring a one over par finish for the day. That had to be a thrill for him, and you didn’t do so bad yourself! Hope you both enjoy the game as much as we do. See you at the next CC for Rainbow Cliff, cause it’ll be a golf opportunity for all who want to give it a try. Maybe your first challenge.

  21. gigihawaii Says:

    Kekoa, you really did a splendid job of leading the committee and producing a great blog party. Congratulations!

    Can’t wait to hear more details about the Rainbow Cliff CC.

  22. mctruck Says:

    mctruck wuz hear……terrific stuff, gigi. mahalos for the pics.

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